East Holland Police Station

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The exterior of the East Holland Police Station in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The East Holland Police Station is a police station in Liberty City in the Grand Theft Auto IV Era. It is one of the 16 police stations altogether in Liberty City, including the ones in Alderney. The East Holland Police Station is also one of the seven police stations located in Algonquin, with the others located in Lower Easton, The Triangle, Star Junction, Westminster, Suffolk, Varsity Heights and Middle Park East.


Located in East Holland, Algonquin, the police station serves as the respawn point for players that get arrested in or near East Holland. The East Holland Police Station appears in-game as a small, grey, two story building with satellite dishes on the rooftop along with a helipad, on which spawns a Police Maverick. There is also a sign telling civillians to join the LCPD. The police station is inaccessable to the player.