Eddie Low

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Eddie Low is a strange serial killer who is notorious for killing his victims late at night, such as joggers. From his early childhood, Eddie was always different. He would touch his friends in places and ways that worried his friends' parents as well as his own. Their pleas for Eddie to cease continue to echo in his head, tormenting him because he continued his sexual escapades as he matured into adulthood, which further developed in to homicidal behavior. Eddie is now a socially awkward, bisexual necrophiliac. Niko meets him while walking across the street from the car dealership in northern Alderney. Eddie firsts ask him to take him and his 'friend' (presumed to the head of one or more victims, stored in a gym bag) to a nearby marina to 'drop him off' and then to take him to Purgatory, Algonquin. Later on he is mentioned on internet websites as a serial killer without a nickname. He appears for a second time while, once again, in a second alleyway in north Alderney and attempts to make small talk. Niko is taken aback by Low's strange comments, such as asking Niko if he enjoys being spanked. He finally tells Eddie to 'fuck off,' and that his behavior is not cool. An enraged Eddie then describes in anger about some of the ways he killed some of his victims, prompting Niko to respond with, "You need to get laid or something!" Eddie claims that he has been, "A little jogger down by the water!" Low then takes out a knife and starts to attack Niko, who kills Low. After this, reports on the Liberty Tree website explain that a detective who was working his case was on his way to his house in Dukes when he heard about his murder. Eddie Low has two blog pages on MyRoom (a parody of MySpace) and Blogsnobs. They are both titled 'Eddie the filth slayer'. On his MyRoom page it says that he has zero friends. He also leaves a few comments on websites.