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www.eddielowfilthslayer.blogsnobs.org is a blog on the internet in Grand Theft Auto IV, belonging to the deranged serial killer Eddie Low. In his blog he talks about his strange behavior, and mentions that the police can't find him.

Here is a sample of his online manifesto in which he explains his motives for targeting Liberty City's joggers:

Eddie has been a naughty boy. I only went for a walk by the lake, mother, I promise. There's a jogger in the bushes. I HATE JOGGERS! You are given the greatest gift of all - life - and what do you do with it? Jog. Fucking narcissists! LOOK AT ME! Look at me lunge and stretch. Look at me hopping in place while I wait for the lights to change. Oooooh, I'm not going to run, I'm not going to walk - I'm going to JOG. Get off the fucking fence before I impale you on it. Ooops, I already have. I brought the head back for Boo Boo Wilkins but he isn't impressed. That cat has got ideas too big for its britches. I like to cut the heads off joggers to see if they keep on running like chickens. Sometimes the only difference between making love and making hate is a turn of the wrist. So tired.

The blog is not a separate website; but a single blog out of many on www.blogsnobs.org.