El Banco Corrupto Grande

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El Banco Corrupto Grande

El Banco Corrupto Grande is a bank located in Little Havana, Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Tommy Vercetti, Phil Cassidy, Cam Jones and Hilary King rob the bank during the mission The Job, although Hilary King was shot to death by SWAT teams after arriving late. The bank loses over $100,000, which was Tommy Vercetti's take. The name is Spanish for "The Bank of Big Corruption", suggesting the bank is robbed often.

Deleted Conversation

Originaly there was going to be an additional conversation between Tommy and Kent Paul.In the conversation Kent states that this bank is where the SWAT keep all their bribes and calls it "The SWAT retirement fund". This explains why Tommy chose to rob this particular bank and why he mentions The SWAT retirement fund during the actual mission.