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This a mission walkthrough for End of the Line in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


After completing the previous mission, Los Desperados, you will recive a phonecall from Sweet who will tell you to take over more gang territories around Los Santos, otherwise this mission can't be triggered.

When starting the mission get in the car with Sweet and driver to the crack fortress. Once you arrive take the bicyle or just walk to the SWAT Tank and steal it, if you have to, kill the gangsters and the Swat. Now you have the Swat Tank ram through the entrance and drive towars the back of the area. Your on floor 1, so fight your way to floor 2. Crouch to improve your accuracy, as it is very useful. Take cover when fighting in big rooms. When you reach floor 2 do the same thing you did on floor one, crouch and kill all the drug addicts while taking cover behind small objects. Repeat this process until you reach Big Smoke. After the cutscene use your assualt rifle to fight Big Smoke, if you have one, use a flamethrower and burn Smoke when getting close enough, as Smoke will not attack you and will run around the room, better still, he loses health when burning so you can easily take him out. You can also use a minigun to kill him very quickly.

After the next cutscene, Frank Tenpenny will shot a genrator, causing it to explode. Use your night vision goggles, to help your way through the dark, when reaching a burning floor use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames, if you beat the firefighter side-mission, just walk through it as your are fireproof.

When you escape the fire, Tenpenny will drive away in his firetruck with Sweet hanging off the ladder, when entering the parked Feltzer just simply do what the game says; Follow Tenpenny and make sure Sweet is safe, stay close to the firetruck and DO NOT lose Tenpenny. Do not attempt to damge the firetruck or you may injure Sweet. Be careful of traffic in this mission as Tenpenny's route never changes and he isn't programed to crash, Tenpenny's firetruck is indestructable, so don't bother trying to destroy it. Also watch out for a train when going down the tracks. Once reaching East Beach, a cop will attempt to kill Sweet by stamping on his fingers, insted of following Tenpenny, stay on the road you came on. Once you have caught Sweet he takes the wheel and you have to shoot, kill Tenpenny's goons and take out any cop cars or Vagos following you, keep doing this until Tenpenny finally crashes off a bridge into Grove Street. After the final cutscene the mission is passed.