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Enforcer from Vice City clearly showing SWAT markings
Enforcer from San Andreas. Note slightly changed design

The Enforcer is truck and an emergency vehicle featured on all the GTA III era games. It is put against the player once he/she reaches a four-star wanted level. It is rarely seen on Grand Theft Auto 3 even at a four star level, however will be seen once in a long while. It has seating capacity for up to four heavily armed police officers, or just in general four people including the driver. The truck is not bulletproof, however does have a spare bullet-proof vest the player can obtain while entering the truck. On all games except Vice City the trucks are marked with "POLICE" markings while on Vice City it has "SWAT" markings. This may be true to life as forces have ceased to officially use the term SWAT. Also something to be mentioned is that this vehicle is not to be used on rough terrein as its low clearance, small wheels, and heavy weight will make it flip easily.