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Enforcer from Vice City clearly showing SWAT markings
Enforcer from San Andreas. Note slightly changed design
Enforcer, with its newer design in GTA IV

The Enforcer is an emergency vehicle featured on all GTA III era games and GTA IV. It is pitted against the player once reaching a four-star wanted level. It is rarely seen in GTA III, appearing only once in a long while. It has seating for up to four people, including the driver. The truck is not bulletproof, however, it does contain spare armor the player will obtain while entering the truck. In all games except GTA Vice City, the trucks are marked with "POLICE" markings, while in GTA Vice City it has "SWAT" markings. This may be true to life as some forces have ceased to officially use the term SWAT. Also something to be mentioned is that this vehicle is not to be used on rough terrain as its low clearance, small wheels, and heavy weight will make it flip easily. As with all emergency/police vehicles it is equipped with sirens and lights, while these are turned on traffic will move out of the way. In GTA IV, it has a new design based on the Securicar, and is now operated by the NOOSE, the games SWAT/Army combination. The Enforcer in GTA IV has bulletproof mesh grating over the windshield, making it hard to shoot out the driver. The vehicle is also armored, rendering bullets almost useless. It is not explosion proof, as it can be blown to bits by either a Grenade or a Rocket Launcher.


  • The Enforcer is particularly useful in GTA Liberty City Stories during the mission Avenging Angels.
  • In GTA San Andreas, the Enforcer invariably shows up with LSPD markings on the back doors and front bumper, regardless of what part of the map the player is occupying. This is due to the fact that Los Santos is the capital of San Andreas, as well as the largest city in the state, and the SWAT teams operate out of Los Santos as a result.