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An Execution is a feature in Grand Theft Auto IV in which a small cutscene plays showing an execution of the person that Niko is killing. Only specific characters can be executed, at specific points in the game. As execution can be performed with a pistol, if the aiming reticule is flashing red while a pistol is equipped and auto-aimed at the target. Each character has a predetermined execution cutscene, and it makes no difference where the player aims (head, chest, leg etc.)

List of Executions

  • Dardan Petrela- An Albanian gangster who was in debt and pain because of Roman. After getting stabbed or thrown out the big window, a cutscene will show Dardan falling of the building and into the ocean.
  • Ivan Bytchkov- A Russian thug. (Optional) If the player chooses to kill him, Niko will stomp on his finger while hes hanging and he will fall down the building.
  • Vladimir Glebov- A Russian criminal who lied to Roman and Niko to get their assistance. Niko will shoot Vlad in the head at a very close range and Vlad's body falls on cement.
  • Andrei Utraniyev- A Hove Beach Russian worker. Faustin kills him because of a bolt of anger.
  • Mikhail Faustin- The Hove Beach Russian boss. He is brutally shot off of the Perestroika club. Niko will shoot him once in the knee and then once in the chest, then Mikhail will fall out of the roof of his own club (Perestroika).
  • Cherise Glover- A woman that betrayed Dwayne Forge when he was at the joint. Optional. If the player chooses to kill her, Niko will shoot her square in the face. The player can opt not to kill her.
  • Clarence Little- A thug in Algonquin. Optional. If Niko chooses to kill him, he will get a shot in the face.
  • Roman's kidnapper without a released name
  • Aiden O'Malley- Derrick's drinking partner. Depending on the angle that the player shoots Aiden, he might fall off the cliffs in Leftwood and plunge into the ocean. Otherwise, he will just fall down dead on the ground.
  • Darko Brevic- The man that betrayed Niko's military unit many years ago. (Optional). if the player chooses to kill him, he will get shot 12 times in the chest for each of the men that he betrayed.
  • Roman Bellic- Niko's loving cousin that was killed by Dimitri's guard. Optional.
  • Dimitri Rascalov- In the "Revenge" storyline, Niko will shoot him in both knees and then shoot him in the head, killing him. Dimitri is the main antagonist of GTA IV.
  • Jimmy Pegorino- The most epic execution in the game. Jimmy is a "fat fucking joke."
  • Teddy Benavidez- There are many ways to execute Teddy. If the player uses a bullet weapon such as a pistol or AK, he will slip off the side of a building. If a fire weapon like Molotov or rocket launcher is used, he will burn and the fire will break the building causing him to fall.

Dwayne Forge or Playboy X (the player gets a choice)

  • Playboy X- A well-paying businessman that claims he owns Algonquin. Optional. If Playboy X is chosen instead of Dwayne, Niko fires a bullet at the bottom of his jaw coming out of the back of his head.
  • Dwayne Forge- A friend referred to from Playboy that is very poor. If the player chooses to kill Dwayne instead of Playboy, Niko will shoot him in the back of the head.

The Lost and Damned Executions

  • Billy Grey-Shot in the chest as Billy tried to stab Johnny.