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Exotic Exports are a set of side tasks for Brucie Kibbutz in Grand Theft Auto IV. They become available to the player after completion of the mission "Logging On".


Brucie will send Niko Bellic various emails, which can be read at any [email protected] Internet Café, or any other location with an accessible computer. The mission will start as soon as Niko exits the computer after the email is replied to positively, the vehicle will be shown on the map.

All of these follow the same basic premise: find the vehicle Brucie requests, steal it, and bring it to his lockup in East Hook in Broker.

Depending on the location, any number of things may happen when Niko reaches the target vehicle. Note that the locations of the cars aren't consistent, and will differ each time the player plays the game.

  • No confrontation; just hop in and drive.
  • The owner(s) of the vehicle will confront Niko.
  • The owner will attempt to flee in the vehicle.
  • A 2-star wanted level is immediately applied (normal car thefts are 1-star) and Niko must lose the wanted level before returning the vehicle to the lock-up.

The more a vehicle is damaged, the less Brucie pays for it, unless a Pay 'n' Spray is used to have the vehicle repaired. If Niko is somehow able to return all 10 vehicles undamaged without using Pay 'n' Spray, a profit of $10,000 can be realized. Realistically, however, several of the missions pretty much make a Pay 'n' Spray visit unavoidable, reducing the profit margin accordingly.

One potential pick-up point for a vehicle is just down the street from the lock-up, making for a very short mission in that case.

In total there are ten vehicles to steal. Brucie sends only one e-mail request at a time, so a mission must be completed in order to receive the next.


The vehicles required are:


  • Remember Pay 'n' Sprays cost hundreds of dollars to use, so to get maximum value out of a vehicle, try to avoid using them if at all possible (but it's not always possible, especially in the case of vehicles that you need to crash into in order to take).
  • It's suggested that most of the Exotic Exports are not done in rainy weather because a few of the target vehicles have poor wet-road handling conditions rendering it difficult to steer them during a chase or a wanted level.

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