Exports and Imports

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This article is about a side mission in GTA San Andreas. For the side mission in GTA III, see Import/Export. For the side mission in GTA Vice city, see Sunshine Autos Import Garage.

Exports and Imports are a series of side-missions which become available after Customs Fast Track for Cesar Vialpando.

For exporting vehicles, grab a vehicle able to export (usually called wanted at the board near the crane) then park it near the magnetic dockside crane in Easter Basin, San Fierro. Enter the magnetic dockside crane. Move and lower the magnet to pick up the vehicle you want to export. After attaching the magnet to the vehicle, maneuver the vehicle using the crane to the tanker. (Alternatively, you can simply drive the vehicle up the ramp leading to the boat; however, some vehicles are too big / long to drive up the ramp.) Carefully drive / place the car into the marker, and a message will show up that you have successfully exported that vehicle. You will then receive money, depending on the type and condition of the car.

For importing vehicles, you simply need to walk up to the board in Easter Basin and select which vehicle you would like to import. You can only import certain vehicles depending on the day of the week and vehicles are unlocked for importing once you have exported a certain vehicle in the list.

Wanted Lists

Each wanted list consists of ten different vehicles needed for export, they range from motorbikes to sports cars. These are the vehicles and their locations:

List 1

List 2

List 3

(Note that vehicles will only spawn in certain locations if it is currently on the board. For example the Euros will only spawn at the Camel's Toe if CJ is on the third list of cars and has not exported a Euros already.)