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Eyefind.info is the main web portal on the in-game internet. Here, the player can check e-mail, browse through the website categories, or click on the bookmark for the Liberty Tree to view news stories related to the player's exploits in the storyline. Eyefind.info appears to be a parody of Yahoo!, according to the ad in Star Junction. Eyefind's pronunciation is close to "I find", which could confirm it's a Yahoo! parody.

Along with the search engine, Eyefind has a random link generator called LuckyFind search, where the player can look for random websites that appear in a list. If the player enters an invalid domain name, the browser redirects to the LuckyFind page.

Do not randomly browse the search engine, just clicking the top result. You may end up on Littlelacysurprisepageant.com by accident and walk out the door to NOOSE, LCPD, and FIB teams.