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An F620 in The Ballad of Gay Tony (Rear quarter view).

"A superfast luxury tourer in the European tradition, the F620 looks and feels as good on the open road as it does illegally parked outside known paparazzi haunts."
- Official website description.

The F620 is a sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto IV's The Ballad of Gay Tony DLC.



The F620 is apparently an incorporation of several sports cars: the Maserati GranTurismo and Quattroporte, and the X150 Jaguar XK. The F620 features the front fascia of a Quattroporte, the rear fascia of an XK, and the overall body shape of the GranTurismo. The F620 is also similar in appearance to the Super GT, and as they both share design cues from the GranTurismo the F620 also shares the Super GT 's interior, including sport seats finished in black leather, aluminum-finished center console and timepiece, and also the Super GT 5-speed gated shifter (though the F620 has a 6-speed gearbox). The side vents of the F620 are similar to those of the Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Although the car lacks any badging, billboards in Star Junction suggest that its manufacturer is Ocelot, which seems to be the GTA rendition of Jaguar, since both names are species of cat.


The F620 is powered by a turbocharged V-10 engine mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The F620 is a surprisingly fast car, and is classified as a supercar. However, unlike most of the supercars, its engine is located at the front, and also has a high-pitched exhaust note, which means the power plant likely has a small displacement. And, like the Infernus, Banshee, and Sultan RS, the F620 lets out quick bursts of flames from its exhaust when switching gears. You can easily hear the turbo whistling as it spools at high RPM.

The F620 is prone to spinning out more-so than the Super GT, and actually feels lighter than its counterpart. This makes the car difficult to handle at times, especially when bumping into objects at high speed. The suspension is low and very firm, and braking is impressive, and ABS is standard across the line.

Mission appearances

Notable owners


  • After completion of No. 3, Henrique will text you saying you can ask him to get you an F620.
  • The F620 tunes in to either Electro-Choc or Radio Broker by default when entered.
  • As most sports/Super cars (i.e Bullet GT, Turismo) You can take one in a marathon race & keep it (win or lose)