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The FBI Car (badly written as Fbi Car in-game) is a modified Kuruma driven by FBI agents in Grand Theft Auto III. It can be used for the Vigilante side-mission.


The FBI Kuruma looks almost identical to the civilian Kuruma, but is painted exclusively in black and has tinted windows and a dashboard mounted light and siren. The new car is considerably faster than the standard Kuruma but has inferior handling due to a slightly higher ground clearance which, far from an improvement, only serves to make the vehicle less stable and will appear at 5 star wanted level, chasing the player at ridiculous speeds, careening off the road or at the edge of the road, thus not being able to stop the player.

Vigilante side-mission

In the Vigilante side mission, the player is required to chase down and kill the indicated targets (other criminals) within a time limit. At the start of the mission, a criminal spawns in a random vehicle (clearly marked and shown on the radar) and attempts to evade the player. If the vehicle catches fire or is held in place for more than a couple seconds, the occupant/s will bail out and run or attempt to acquire new transport. (Watch out, they may even steal your car!) As the player completes each level, the target/s come armed with better weapons and, as of GTA: Vice City, become more numerous until eventually, multiple vehicles appear with each new level. The mission is failed if the player remains outside of a Law Enforcement vehicle for more than 60 seconds in one go, or if the player dies or is busted. Vigilante mode does not grant immunity from the Police, who will often pursue the player for murder, firing weapons, hitting police cars etc. Each time a Vigilante mission is started, the player must begin at Level 1, and cannot continue a previously failed or cancelled mission.


  • The Kuruma is one of the few law enforcement vehicles that can be resprayed.
    From left to right: FBI Kuruma, Barricade FBI Kuruma, Normal Kuruma
  • The Kuruma is lighter when it is part of a barricade.

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