FBI Rancher

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File:FBIrancher 1.jpg
A FBI Rancher parked near the desert in San Andreas

The FBI Rancher is a classic Rancher SUV, but with four doors and black paint. It is featured in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, as a consequence of reaching a five-star Wanted Level.

It is rear-wheel drive, giving it some good traction and strength, however due its longer length than the Rancher and the Police Ranger gives it a somewhat "slower effect" and it has the tendency to flip in uneven terrain, so it is not suitable for off-roading, but it is modified for on-road high-speed chases, although strangely it is outfitted with off-road tires in San Andreas. It is faster than a police car, and is capable to catch even the fastest cars of the game. Due to its weight, it can even flip totally your car during a chase. This is helpful in vigilante missions because it can stop the cars more easily than a police car. An advantage to it is that a blue beacon and siren and driving on a road full of cars will make them split and free the road for the player. It resembles an early 90's Chevrolet Suburban.

Just like the real life Chevy Suburban, the FBI Rancher has a throaty V8.

The FBI also use the FBI Washington in GTA: Vice City Stories, however it isn’t driven by them in Vice City.


  • IN GTA: San Andreas you can change the black paint of the FBI Rancher by using a Pay'n'Spray/mod garage hack or a trainer capable of changing car colors. In Vice City though, the black paint is hard coded to the vehicle (much like the Sabre Turbo's red and white stripe scheme), and is actually ‘taxi yellow’ in-game (you can see this when you crash the car).