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An FBI Washington in GTA Vice City.

The FBI Washington is a Washington four-door sedan adopted for use by the FBI in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It has better handling and is faster than the standard Washington.



When first introduced in GTA Vice City, the FBI Washington sports only minor differences that distinguish it from a conventional Washington. The most evident difference is its unique body color (dark gray in GTA Vice City, and white in GTA Vice City Stories), as well as side trims that run from the front to the back and over the wheel wells. The FBI Washington is more stable than the Police Car in the game, which has a tendency to roll on the slightest grade. The player may also use the FBI Washington to start Vigilante missions.

Unlike the FBI Rancher, the FBI Washington emits a siren but has neither a visible strobe light nor an actual light emitted from the where the "invisible" strobe light should be. This was rectified in GTA Vice City Stories, when a red light is emitted from the dashboard (without an actual strobe light visible). Regardless, the FBI Washington's siren can be used to clear the road ahead from traffic. The FBI Washington is a undercover car but due to its only kind with it's dark gray body color its stands out from the rest of the traffic.

Adoption by the FBI

While implied to be used by the FBI to pursue a player with a 5-star wanted level, the FBI Washington is not normally driven by FBI agents in GTA Vice City, as the FBI Rancher already serves this purpose. Instead, the FBI Washington is only available behind a music store in Downtown Vice City. In GTA Vice City Stories, however, the FBI Washington effectively replaces the FBI Rancher as the vehicle of choice by the FBI.


In GTA Vice City Stories, the FBI Washington's original color is white, but when the player first gets 5 wanted stars and these vehicles start appearing, the car sometimes appear black, though it changes its color back to white after some time. Sometimes, FBI Washington's can mysteriously change color when driving, right before the players' eyes. Also, the FBI Washington's that are used for barricading the roads are white.


  • Due to its near similar design to a regular Washington, the FBI Washington can occasionally be confused as being used by the French during "All Hands On Deck" in GTA Vice City. However, the car is actually a regular Washington, as evidenced by its lack of side trimming.
  • In GTA Vice City, the FBI Washington is one of the three law enforcement vehicles that can only be repaired/resprayed at the Pay N' Spray. (The others being the VCPD Cheetah and FBI Rancher).
  • In GTA Vice City Stories, however, the car cannot be repaired/resprayed thus making it difficult to obtain one, one way to get on is to survive a five-star rampage and then going to the Pay N' Spray hopefully having the chance of the car being there, but since the FBI blockades in GTA Vice City Stories easily take down any car the best way to do this is to buy a bullet-proof vehicle and then getting five-stars, going to the Pay N' Spray and if the blockade was near the area then there should be a FBI washington.

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