Fake Truce!

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Fake Truce! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Scientist leader Dr. LaBrat. The mission is available from the right of the two green Scientist phones in Dominatrix of the Residential District.

Fake Truce!
Game GTA 2
For Dr. LaBrat
Target Rednecks, Zaibatsu
Location SRS Scientist Research Center in Dominatrix, Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $30,000



The Zaibatsu and Rednecks want to negotiate peace. The Scientists, however, have no interest in such a thing, so they send Claude to pick up their delegations and bring them back to the Scientist Research Center where they can be disposed of.


Dr. LaBrat: "Ah, THC-303. Dr. LaBrat here. The Zaibatsu and Rednecks want a peace meeting so I'm taking the opportunity to perform an experiment. Collect the old Factory Bus and I will unravel my plan."

(Claude drives to and enters the bus (limo on PlayStation))

Dr. LaBrat: "First, collect the Redneck delegation from Cobbs Store in Mobile RV."

(Claude drives to Cobbs Store)

Dr. LaBrat: "Sound the horn, THC-303."

(Claude sounds the horn)

Redneck: "Okay, Boys, get on the Factory Bus - and no spittin'!"

Dr. LaBrat: "Now drive to the Ol' Banjo and pick up some more White Trash."

(Claude drives to the Ol' Banjo)

Dr. LaBrat: "Sound the horn, THC-303."

(Claude sounds the horn)

Redneck: "C'mon, climb aboard!"

Dr. LaBrat: "Drive with haste to the Zaibatsu Village, THC-303, and collect the Zaibatsu delegates."

(Claude drives to the Zaibatsu Village)

Z-Man: "Climb aboard, Z-Operatives. But do not communicate with the Rednecks."

Dr. LaBrat: "Okay, THC-303 - only one more Zaibatsu group to collect."

(Claude drives to the second Zaibatsu delegation)

Dr. LaBrat: "Sound the horn, THC-303."

(Claude sounds the horn)

Z-Man: "All aboard, Z-Men."

Dr. LaBrat: "Now be careful, THC-303. Bring them all back to the Scientist Research Center - and fast."

(Claude drives to the Scientist Research Center)

Dr. LaBrat: "You did well, THC-303. Now get off the Factory Bus and let my SRS Clones take it from here."

(Claude gets out of the Factory Bus; several SRS Clones then come and destroy the bus)

Dr. LaBrat: "Congratulations, THC-303. I can see your talents developing under my auspices. Here is $30,000 for your hard work."


The reward for completing this mission is $30,000.

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