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A fansite or fan site is a website created and maintained by fans of a particular person, technology, or cultural phenomenon. The phenomenon can be a book, television show, movie, comic, band, game or similar.

Thousands of GTA fansites exist, ranging from small one-person news blogs to community-edited wikis to massive downloads databases to forums with hundreds of thousands of members.

Many GTA fansites include the latest news about the games, contain detailed game information (including cheats), offer downloads (usually modifications), allow discussion in forums and gather opinions in polls. Some fansites include unofficial non-canonical stories about characters and places in the GTA series (such as The Untold Stories). Almost all GTA-related forums have wishlists in place

There are no official GTA fansites - that is to say that Rockstar Games has not approved or endorsed any of the sites. However, Rockstar do provide fansite kits for download on their website, which contain screenshots and logos for use on fansites. They also send "care packages" to the webmasters of the largest sites, which contain items such as t-shirts and window stickers, as appreciation for the continued hard work and dedication in promoting the series and creating online communities.

List of Fansites

This is a list of the most notable fansites by type, game and language.

Best Websites Forums Wikis Downloads Closed
GTA IV VCS/LCS GTA SA VC/III Classics Multiplayer
French German Dutch East Europe Italy/Spain Scandanavia