Farnsworth Rd

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Farnsworth Rd is a street located in Berchem, Alderney. It's a short street, starting along Vitullo St, heads east and stops along Mueri St. Alderney's [email protected] cafe and the Berchem Fire Station are located within a block of Farnsworth Rd. The depo where you strom for Gravelli is located on the junction of Mueri and Farnsworth.


  • The name of the street is a reference to two Farnsworths. Philo Farnsworth, the American inventor of the electronic television, or possiably, Hubert Farnsworth, the Professor out of Futuama, who himself is named after Philo.
  • There is another street named after Philo. In Rigby, Idaho, a section of the Yellowstone Highway, which runs through the town, is named in his honour. It's called Farnsworth Way.