Faustin's Mansion

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Faustin's mansion is the home of Faustin Family leader Mikhail Faustin, his wife Ilyena Faustin and his daughter Anna Faustin. It is located in Beachgate, Broker.

Several missions for Faustin start here, and it is where the player first encounters him. On the driveway by the mansion Mikhail's Turismo will usually spawn, unlocked, an unusually good car for the stage in the game at which the player is at.

Faustin's mansion in Beachgate.

In several missions Ilyena's white DF8-90 will also appear.

After Faustin's death, Ilyena and her daughter are forced to sell the house to pay debts. She spends much of her time at the local amusement park, where the player may encounter her as a random character.