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The Faustin bratva is a family of Russian thugs that deal with money-making and crime. They play a major role in Grand Theft Auto IV but it is unknown whether they will return. The three bosses of the Faustin Family, Mikhail Faustin, Dimitri Rascalov, and Vladimir Glebov were all killed by Niko in GTA IV, so the Family is now very weak.


Faustin Family
Leader: Mikhail Faustin
Type: Russian Crime Syndicate
Enemies: Petrovic bratva
Vehicles: black Schafters and Reblas with rims and body kits.
Weapons: Pistol
Fronts: Comrades Bar
Faustin's Mansion
Members: Vladimir Glebov
Dimitri Rascalov
Ivan Bytchkov
Andrei Utraniyev

The Faustin bratva is a large family of Russian Mafia members who seem to run in both Dukes and Broker. The family is headed by Pakhan Mikhail Faustin, an erratic and paranoid cocaine addict who lives in a mansion with his estranged wife and rebellious teenage daughter who was going out with one of the Lost gang. It would seem Faustin is a member of the Bratski Krug, or Circle of Brothers, a Russian version of the Italian-American Commission. Broker is run by one of the family's Brigadiers, Vladimir "Vlad" Glebov, a Russian loan-shark operating out of "Comrades" until he is executed by Niko Bellic. Mikhail's orders for numerous hits on people for trivial matters draws unwanted attention from the law and upsets his partner, Dimitri Rascalov, who is angry that Mikhail has stopped following the unspoken rules of organized crime. Another Mafia family, the Petrovic Family, almost wage a full-scale war on the Faustin family when Lenny Petrovic is murdered on orders from Mikhail. This is averted when Dimitri secretly strikes a deal with Pakhan Kenny Petrovic to use Niko to kill Mikhail. Dimitri then assumes control of the Faustin family with his new partner, Rodislav Bulgarin, Niko's old boss in the human trafficking ring to whom Niko, supposedly, owes money to. The Faustin family under Dimitri and Bulgarin's new leadership betrays Niko and attempts to kill him. They then set fire to Niko and Roman's apartment and taxi depot, running the cousins out of Broker and Dukes.

With Dimitri's death, it is likely it loses a lot of power and control, as it would be led by a less competent leader.

Reputed members and associates