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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is based off the real life FBI law enforcement agency. In GTA III Era games, the FBI is the third level of law enforcement that pursues the player. The FBI will appear only when the player's wanted level reaches five stars, before the Army on six stars.


FBI Agents wear black suits with dark glasses, or blue jackets with "FBI" printed on the back in GTA San Andreas. In all appearances except GTA Vice City Stories they wear black suits but in Vice City Stories they wear black vests over gray t-shirts with "FBI" printed on the back. The FBI agents are well armed in all appearances, and their vehicles are generally extremely fast. The FBI comes four agents in each car, and since they are well armed and very accurate, they will kill the player extremely quick if they have an open range. They carry MP5 in all of the GTA III era games except for GTA III where this weapon is unavailable and instead they carry AK-47's and will also drop pistols if killed.

Grand Theft Auto IV

In Grand Theft Auto IV, the agency is known as the Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB) presumably to avoid conflict with the real-life FBI. It is not known if this was done at the request of the FBI. It also could possibly be a play on words like NOOSE, since fib means to lie.

As the wanted level system changed in GTA IV, they now appear at four stars, along with NOOSE to assist the LCPD, and more heavily at five and six, and will expertly drive and doggedly follow the player. They now drive FIB Buffalos with four agents in a car and will either shoot at the player out their windows or try to spin the player out if the player is in a car. They will also run the player over if on foot. Funny Fact - If you use a sniper rifle to zoom in on the ID of an FIB Special Agent their identification badge reads Federal Investigation of Bureau, which makes no sense.

FBI Vehicles

The FBI have their own law enforcement vehicles in each GTA III era game and GTA IV, which can also be used for Vigilante missions.