Fifteen Man Squad

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The Fifteen Man Squad

The fifteen man squad is a squad (proper name unknown) that included fifteen children during the Bosnian War. Members of this squad included Niko Bellic, Florian Cravic, Darko Brevic, Goran, Mijo, Dragan, and Dmitar, the rest however are unmentioned. All the members were known friends and had grown up together, all of them were 15 years of age or younger.

Sometime during the war this paticular squad was ambushed by enemey forces. Niko had escaped the ambush, and a week later, he realised that they couldn't have been ambushed unless someone in the squad had sold them out. Niko travelled back to where the ambush had taken place, and saw a large pit with his squad members and friends dead inside. After picking through the bodies, Niko realised that two others were missing, Florian Cravic and Darko Brevic.

Coming to the conclusion that it was one of those two boys that betrayed the squad Niko vowed to eventually track down and kill the traitor. However unknown to Niko, Florian had fled to Liberty City, and Darko had fled to Bucharest, Romania.

Fifteen years later 2008 Niko arrived in Liberty City, to visit his cousin Roman, but also because he discovered that Florian Cravic was living in the city. After a while Niko eventually tracks down Florian. Florian turned out to be a homosexual, and having a fling with Bryce Dawkins the deputy mayor. When Niko discovers Florian is innocent, he is angered to know that he will not get his revenge any time soon, and has no idea where Dark Brevic could be.

Later on in the game, an informant at the U.L. Paper finds Darko for him, and forces him from Bucharest leaving him at Francis International Airport, his fate in the hands of Niko. Niko interrigates Darko to discover that Darko sold the squad out for $1,000, which in turn was to help his heroin addiction. When arguing, Darko also notes that Goran had killed his friends and neighbours, also igniting his decision to betray them. Darko calls Niko a hypocrite knowing that Niko has killed for money too, and this is where the decision to kill Darko or let him live is left to the player.


  • Note: Bold lettering is spoken in Serbian. *

(Darko is thrown out of the back of a van by U.L. Paper informants, the van drives off and Niko and Roman approach the bound Darko)

Niko: You remember me?

Darko: (In Serbian) Leave me alone, I don't know you. I don't know you.

(Niko leans down and grabs hold of Darko)

Niko: Yes you do. I'm the one, who survived.

Darko: (chuckles) Niko... hello.

Niko: Just tell me why.

Darko: Why?

Niko: We were friends. We were all friends. We all grew up together... Dmitar, Dragan, Goran, Mijo... should I go on and name them all?

Darko: We were friends, but I had other friends!

(Darko rolls away from Niko and struggles to stand with his hands still bound behind his back)

Darko: Friends that Goran and his guys killed. My fucking neighbours!

(Darko approaches Niko and gets in his face)

Darko: Because of what? Because of shit!

(Darko turns and walks towards Roman getting in his face)

Darko: Lies. Fucking lies!

Niko: So that makes it ok. To stab your friends in the back?

(Darko stumbles back)

Darko: When eveything you believe is shown to be shit, you make strange choices I guess.

(Niko grabs Darko and pulls him closer)

Niko: Fuck you! Strange choices? How much?

(Darko laughs and stumbles back)

Darko: A thousand.

(Niko lets go and wanders back distraught)

Niko: You killed my friends for one thousand dollars?

Darko: How much do you charge to kill someone?

Niko: You ruined me, you fuck!

Darko: I needed the money... I had problems.

Niko: You're a fucking junkie.

(Darko falls to his knees)

Darko: Kill me then! You were always a hypocrite. Trust me, you'll be doing me a favour! (Yells)

Roman: Niko -- come on, let's go. Let him suffer... he knows what he did. He doesn't look like he enjoys life too much.

(Darko continues crying, struggles and stands again)

Roman: Come on.


If the player chooses to kill Darko, Niko will shoot him 12 times, one shot for each fallen squad member. And before dying Darko will thank Niko.

If let live, Darko runs off, never to be seen again. Niko is enraged that he let him live, but eventually comes to the understanding that it was the best choice, and feels better. He lets Florian know, and Florian tells Niko he's proud of him. Niko finally has closure on that part of his past.