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The Fire Truck as depicted in Grand Theft Auto III.

The Fire Truck is what it sounds like; a general purpose fire truck with a water cannon that has a few good uses. The Fire Truck has been in every GTA game.

Due to the GTA III era game engine, where heavier vehicles were very powerful, the firetruck can reach high speeds. Its high accelaration value and traction loss makes it susceptible to oversteering and spinning. It is the only vehicle a player can do firefighter missions in. Each level consists of a car(s) that is on fire and the player has to use the Fire Truck's water cannon to extinguish it. It can be found in fire stations in all the cities. Since this is an emergency vehicle, it has sirens that make cars move out of the way. Spraying pedestrians with water even when they're not on fire can be hilarious. But in GTA IV, pedestrians may go after you and take it as an assault, including the cops. Vehicle pedestrians also go after the player by ramming it if sprayed with a water cannon.

The fire trucks in the GTA III era are numbered 1 to 6, and there is also an unnumbered one. In San Andreas, there are two types of Fire Truck, the normal San Andreas Fire Department one, and a Ladder version.

In GTA IV The MTL "V 24 Supercharged" Pumper serves as the FDLC's standard firefighting apparatus, equiped with a high powered deck mounted water cannon can be operated during operation for putting fires out in a flash. "Engine 69" can usually be seen responding to calls throughout the city.

In GTA IV there are no firefighter missions in GTA IV, unlike previous games. The Fire Truck can be found at a Fire Station, but it is rarely seen driving around, even when starting fires, unless you can call 911 to lure them into a false alarm and then steal it. Oddly, when the fire department is called to any real fire, they will not put it out. The fireman usually will say something like "another prank call".

Firefighter side-mission

The Firefighter side mission can be toggled on or off from within a Fire Truck in all GTA III era games. The mission requires the player to find and extinguish burning vehicles within a time limit.


Starting a fire, regardless of the game, will see the fire department send out a fire truck to put out the fire. In Grand Theft Auto 2, completing the Wang Cars side quest unlocks this car, but with a flamethrower instead of a water cannon. The fire trucks also spawn at the following locations:

Liberty City

Vice City

  • Fire Station in Downtown, Vice City
  • Fire Station in Escobar International Airport, Vice City

San Andreas

  • Building in Commerce near Glen Park, Los Santos
  • Fire Station in Doherty, San Fierro (sometimes the ladder version of the fire truck spawns here)
  • Fire Station between Redsands East and Redsands West, Las Venturas