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(Niko rings Michelle's doorbell)

Michelle: Coming... Who is it?

Niko: Hey, it's Niko.

(Michelle opens the door and let's Niko in)

Michelle: Hey... I'm just finishing my hair. Come in.

Niko: Thank you.

Michelle: I'll be with you in a minute.

Niko: Did you just move in?

Michelle: No... why?

Niko: All your stuff is new. Some even still have tags on.

Michelle: Yeah, well... I like things clean.

Niko: I can see that... but, er... everything is new.

Michelle: Yeah. I'm kind of obsessed with cleanliness... things get on my nerves and I just throw them out. OCD or something?

Niko: Oh.

Michelle: So... where are you taking me?

Niko: Ah... you look good

Michelle: Aw, thanks...

Niko: I don't know - I'm new here. I thought maybe we could go to the, uh... funfair.

Michelle: Yeah, great! Let's go - love the funfair! Actually we call it, um, "carnival" here.