First Mission (GTA SA)

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Quick Walkthrough

  1. Get familiar with your controls, and mount your bicycle.
  2. Follow the blip on your map to the "CJ" icon, Carl's Mom's House on Grove Street.

Detailed Walkthrough

Getting Familiar

After the introductory cinematic scene, CJ begins his first mission. You'll find yourself in Jefferson Alley (the territory of the Ballas, a rival gang), with $350 and no weapons. As there is no immediate danger to your safety, it's advisable to take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the controls, the pause options, and the Map. Once you are comfortable, mount the BMX Bicycle with the blue cone marker hovering over it.

Pedal Your Way Home

Follow the roads to make your way to the "CJ" icon on your map. It is southeast of your starting location. It is advisable to read the bicycling tips that pop-up as you ride, especially if this is your first time playing this mission.

Optionally, before you head for the map icon, you can take a detour for extra items. After you mount the bike, leave the alley and go around the corner on your left to the red building, Jefferson Motel. Climb the stairs to find a MP5 on the roof. Continue on your way to the map icon, but look beneath the bridge overpass near Carl's Mom's House for Body Armor and a Micro SMG. There's also a 9mm Pistol in a backyard nearby.

Enter the Grove Street cul-de-sac, and walk into the round red mission marker to complete this mission and begin Big Smoke.