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This is the second mission you will take for club owner Zhou. He wants you to pick up an old friend of his called Uri from the airport, his friend is on a medical release. But there are problems, Uri is a criminal and his ambulance is under police protection...



Once you have exited Zhou's club take his car and quickly head to the airport before Uri is released. Once you are there you will need to kill 4 police officers armed with Nightsticks once they are disposed of steal the ambulance and drive back to Zhou's club. You will gain a three star wanted level upon exiting the airport. Avoid ramming things to keep Uri's heart strong. If you hit to many things then Uri will flatline. If he flatlines then you will need to continuously tap the small heart icon with the stylus until his heart rate returns to normal. Once you have returned to Zhou's apartment it's mission accomplished, feel free to watch the grusome cutscene.


The reward for this mission is $150.