Food & Drink Businesses in GTA V

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This is a list of food and drink businesses in Grand Theft Auto V confirmed by either promotional screenshots or trailers.

Business Name Category Subcategory
Benedict Food & Drink Alcohol
Cerveza Barracho Food & Drink Alcohol
Logger Beer Food & Drink Alcohol
Pißwasser Food & Drink Alcohol
Bahama Mamas West Food & Drink Bars/Clubs
Tequi-La-La Food & Drink Bars/Clubs
Burger Shot Food & Drink Restaurants
Cluckin' Bell Food & Drink Restaurants
Jim's Sticky Ring Food & Drink Restaurants
Pizza This... Food & Drink Restaurants
Up-n-Atom Burger Food & Drink Restaurants
eCola Food & Drink Soft Drinks
Sprunk Food & Drink Soft Drinks