Fort Carson

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Fort Carson is the largest town in Bone County (unusually, roadside signage of the town indicates an estimated population of 369, far smaller than any town in Red County), and also its county seat, as indicated by the small red building in the main street, having been significantly undeveloped as of 1992. It is based on the real life town of Rachel, Nevada, which is the closest habitation to Area 51. North of the town is Area 69, as well as the smaller town of Las Payasadas. It has a small hospital and a sheriff's office. There is also an Ammu-Nation just outside of town. The town is located west of Las Venturas. A small cropduster is known to appear next to one of the houses near here and it is flyable. Fort Carson also boasts five Motels. A miniature version of the 'Vinewood' sign is perched upon a hill on the Eastern side of the town, though the name is changed accordingly.

The Lil' Probe Inn, a fictional bar/motel, is located north from Fort Carson. The Lil' Probe Inn is actually a parody of the Little A'le Inn in Rachel, in which the interior of the Probe Inn matches the interior of the real life Little A'le Inn. Down the road from the Probe Inn is Area 69.

The Big Ear, a large satellite dish located west of Area 69, is claimed by the official San Andreas website to emit radiation that resulted in birth defects in the local populace, in which its newborns have no ears. There is also a big mast located on the "Big Ear" hill, north of Fort Carson, and can be seen from miles around. Apparently, the mast is used to broadcast radio signals throughout San Andreas, such as "K Rose" and "WCTR". Population: 369.

Fort Carson is also seen in The Introduction.