Fort Staunton

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One Of Many Panlantic Construction Site's

Fort Staunton is an area in Liberty City that appears Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, on Staunton Island. Surrounding the area are the districts of Rockford, Newport and Liberty Campus. The area used to be Little Italy, until 1998 when Toni Cipriani destroyed the entire area for the Panlantic Construction Company, a division of an American-Colombian business conglomerate run by Donald Love.

By GTA III, the area is in the process of demolishing blocks of old buildings and re-developing the entire property with the construction of Staunton Plaza. Panlantic Construction Company, in charge of the area's development, is suspected by the LCPD to be one of the many fronts for the Colombian Cartel, which may explain the presence of Cartel members and gang cars in the area.