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I think what GTA fans should do is maybe put the GTA5 ideas on the shelf for now because that era probably won't come for another 2 years at least. But the ideas I previously explained can still be used. This idea also just popped out of my head.

Remember Mickie who ran Comrades Bar in Hove Beach. I came up with this scenario where 1 year after the events of GTA4 Mickie is on a night stroll on the Firefly boardwalk when he notices something lying on the beach. He walks over to it. It's the skeleton of Vlad Glebov. Freaked out and far too scared to report it to the police, Mickie then brings Vlad's skeleton to his home in the Beachgate community. He then calls Mel (the drunk in Comrades Bar and also a random character in GTA4) over to his house. Mel who at this point has survived a year without alcohol, can't get over this horrific discovery. At first prompted to alert the LCPD, Mel is then sternly ordered by Mickie not to mention a word of this to the cops or anyone. The two then tearfully but successfully cremate Vlad's skelton in Mickie's garage. After that dirty work is done and dusted, the two take a boat trip out to the sea where they scatter the ashes of Vlad Glebov. Following this Mickie makes a short speech on Vlad's positive characteristics. Mickie and Mel then have a few bottles of Cherenkov (Vlad's favourite drink) in memory of the 'great man', getting drunk in the process. After a night out on the lake they return to Mickie's home where in the kitchen Mel is asked to dispose of Vlad's clothing. As mel is about to get rid of them he notices a cheque in Vlad's coat pocket. The cheque is for $100,000 and is still bankable. He shows the cheque to Mickie who in return thinks he should get the cheque. Mel then gets confrontational stating that he found the cheque. Mickie then responds aggressively saying Vlad liked him better, even saying that Vlad thought of Mel as 'loser who was making Comrades look unattractive' along with other insults. Mel tells Mickie to watch his mouth but Mickie continues bickering. Mel's patience eventually wears thin and after one more nasty comment Mickie makes about Vlad not liking Mel or about his days as an alcoholic, Mel suddenly snaps. He then headbutts Mickie, knocking him to the floor. He then punches Mickie three times in the face, breaking his nose on the third. He then kicks Mickie's head in, grabs the cheque from his hand and spits on Mickie. He then leaves the house, gets into his car and then drives on into the night. Mickie is then shown in a coma.

To be Continued.....

HarveyH92 22:47, March 13, 2010 (UTC)