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Remember Mickie from GTA4 who ran Comrades Bar in Hove Beach. Howabout he becomes the next protagonist of the next GTA game. The story is that following the shootout in Comrades Bar, Mickie discovers Vlad's mutilated corpse washed up on the beach while on a night stroll. He is freaked out and too scared to report it to the cops. He then brings Vlad's body to his home in the Beachgate community where in his garage he strips it and then pours vodka all over the corpse. He then burns it. He is then about to dispose of Vlad's clothes when discovers a cheque in Vlad's coat pocket. It's worth $10,000. The game leads on from there?

Really I think this idea could work because in GTA4 we didn't get to learn a lot about Mickie except that he runs Comrades Bar. Did he have any involvement in Vlad's criminal activities? Could he also have been an employee of the Faustins too? Perhaps this could potentially be another GTA4 era game.

HarveyH92 21:51, March 7, 2010 (UTC)