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Mine would have to be when I had six stars on Happiness Island and shot down an Annihilator. It barreled into me and killed me instantly. If you've played Call of Duty 4, it was a lot like the scene where Macmillan gets hit by the helicopter. Broeman 01:30, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

mine has got to be on vice city stories i don't know how it happened but i had a three star wanted level ,i was trapped in a corner and this motor bike went flying and hit me then i died. User:Lozzy94

Once on GTA IV I threw a water bottle at the hot dog vendor who was lying on the ground near his cart and hit the fire extuingisher, exploded and killed me. I couldn't figure what had happened for a month. User:Fatty Roman's Cousin

Broeman: Haha, that happened to me before, and yes, it was totally like the MacMillan scene. Before i bought the game myself, I was cheating on my friend's xbox, I got a six-star wanted level and flew onto roofs with my annihilator, continuously RPGing police cars and respawning helicopters, using ammo refills. It was awesome when a helicopter straight crashed on the roof, but usually it was far from me. Sometimes there were survivors, which i overkilled with my RPG. One of my favorite, but not best deaths was me in the typical roof--defense-with-RPGs, with helicopters crashing down left and right. One Annihilator happened to fly near the roof, and, of course, I hit it with my RPG. Knowing my health and armor could be replenished with the press of a button, I casually watched it float down, as I did with the rest of the helicopters. However, apparently this one was headed straight for me. Not watching where I was going, I jumped out of the way just in time. No instant death, but i was flying through the air with my armor gone and health severely depleted... and it just so happened that I was barreling through the air... on a 500 ft drop to the ground. Pretty dynamic.

My best death: I was in a heated firefight with the NOOSE, FIB, and local police officers at one of the roads near Middle Park. I let it rip with my AK, spraying everywhere, and shooting a few rockets. I didnt have time to replenish my RPG ammo, so I hid behind one of the many abandoned police cars and prepared myself for a crazy gunfight.

Unknown to me, the car was on fire, on the other side. And it isnt exactly good when I'm in the middle of a complex of cars.

The car exploded, killing me instantly. Slow motion took effect, but during my death scene, the cars nearest to the blown up one blew up as well, setting off a MASSIVE chain reaction. Six cars, blown to smithereens, many, including me, hurtling through the air.

As if it wasn't awesome and crazy enough already, the force of the explosions sent me straight into the rotating blades of an Annihilator just as the screen started to fade out. And that never happened to me before, even if I was so high up on a roof that I was level with the Annihilators. I practically stared at the screen for two minutes straight, going over each instant in my head. Extremofire 03:38, April 7, 2010 (UTC)