Forum:GTA Chinatown Wars is non-canon.

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Even though Rockstar havent officially said this yet (they never do state which are canon and which aren't) but it is obviously non-canon. it isn't realistic, Liberty City is basic and boring, and Rockstar Leeds just had a look at some names on the police database in GTA IV, found Huang Lee, and created a shit story around it. It is just a cash-in game.

Theres no way the next GTA game will reference CW ever happening, for Liberty City seen in GTA IV to be reduced to something like that is annoying.

Forums GTA GTA Chinatown Wars is non-canon.

it would nice to see Huang in a proper GTA game though, maybe as a friend and such. he sounds cool. Delo19xcrowbarx 07:22, July 29, 2010 (UTC)