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Favorite Protagonist: (Niko, Luiz, Johnny) Favorite Mission Series: Favorite Helicopter: Favorite Radio Station: Favorite Feature: Favorite Girlfriend: Favorite Friend: Favorite Safehouse: Favorite Clothing Store: Favorite Car:
Favorite Motorcycle:
Favorite Mission:
Least Favorite Character:
Least Favorite Mission:
Least Favorite Vehicle type:

My answers Favorite Protagonist: Either Johnny or Niko
Favorite Mission Series: All of the McReary's
Favorite Helicopter: Maverick
Favorite Radio Station: Radio Broker, Liberty Rock Radio, Tuff Gong
Favorite Feature: Realism
Favorite Girlfriend: Lawchick
Favorite Friend: Packie
Favorite Safehouse: Middle Park East (Algonquin)
Favorite Clothing Store: Modo
Favorite Car: Banshee or Bobcat
Favorite Motorcycle: Hellfury or NRG900
Favorite Mission: Three Leaf Clover (Bank robbery)
Least Favorite Character: Brucie
Least Favorite Mission: Any that require you to wait for a schedualed time
Least Favorite Vehicle type: Boat

Favorite Protagonist: Niko
Mission Series: Francis Mcreary's probably. So many good chains.
Favorite Helicopter : Maverick
Favorite Radio Station: Jazz, LRR
Favorite Feature: This is hard. Just the city itself. All of the amazing small details is what makes it seem so big and alive.
Favorite Girlfriend: Lawchick
Favorite Friend: Roman or Packie
Favorite Safehouse: Playboy's Crib
Favorite Clothing Store: Perseus Jacket, Modo Jeans
Favorite Car: Feltzer
Favorite Motorcycle: freeway
Favorite Mission: Final Interview, Call and Collect, Three Leaf Clover, and Hating the Haters
Least Favorite Character: They are all good characters. Probably Faustin. He's annoying.
Least Favorite Mission: Off the top of my head, probably catch the wave. Bell kept running right into the warehouse and getting killed. The first mission I failed on my first playthrough.
Least Favorite Vehicle Type: Boat

Favorite Protagonist: Niko
Mission Series: Packie McReary
Favorite Helicopter : Annihilator
Favorite Radio Station: The Beat 102.7 (Hip Hop)
Favorite Feature: Realism
Favorite Girlfriend: Carmen Ortiz (SoBoHoe)
Favorite Friend: Packie
Favorite Safehouse: Playboy X's Penthouse
Favorite Clothing Store: Perseus
Favorite Car: Super GT
Favorite Motorcycle: NRG 900
Favorite Mission: Three Leaf Clover
Least Favorite Character: Vlad
Least Favorite Mission: Out of the Closet
Least Favorite Vehicle Type: Faggio
--Crusen7721atdbz 03:55, December 14, 2009 (UTC)

Favourite Protagonist: Niko Bellic Favourite Mission Series: Ray boccino Favourite Mission: Museum Piece (Anything challenging) Favourite Helicopter: Marverick Favourite Radio Station: Radio Broker, LRR, The Journey and the Vibe Favourite feature: The realism and intense details of Liberty City Favourite Girlfriend: Alex Favourite Car: Turismo Favourite Clothes Shop: Perseus Favourite Friend: Dwayne Forge and Little Jacob Favourite Boss: Ray Boccino or Vlad Glebov Favourite Safehouse: Playboy X's Mansion Favourite Restaurant: Superstar Cafe Favourite Activity: Drinking and Strip Club Least Favourite Character: Michelle/Karen Least Favourite Mission: First Date Least favourite Radio Station: Vladivostok