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Maybe i should say, that the GTAForums is right and this wiki wrong. Why? Cause in GTAForums, the main forum for the next game is called "gtaneXt". In this wiki, everybody is talking about "GTA5" referring to the next console game. I really doubt that the next "big" game will be GTA5. I think that "GTA5" will be released ONLY when the next generation (PS4 etc.) comes. Until then, i have ideas for three games for the current gen:

GTA VC2 or something like that, for PC, PS3, 360. A console game set in Vice City remade with RAGE/Euphoria and possible characters from IV or TBOGT.

GTA SA2 or something like that, for PC, PS3, 360. A console game set in San Andreas, with San Durango as San Diego, and the other 3 cities still present, but remade with RAGE/Euphoria engines. Many character from IV, TBOGT or VC2 will recur in this game. If something like that comes out in 2011/12 after VC2, it would be a large success, more even than IV.

GTA Alderney stories, shortly after the release of SA2, for PSP and PS3, and maybe Wii. Same Liberty City as IV, but this time bigger Alderney with the western or northern end connecting to the mainland, and Phil Bell as protagonist

Maybe some DLC's for VC2 or SA2

And when the PS4 comes out, then and ONLY then GTA5 will be released, and maybe having the whole US map replication, or simply LC, VC, and SA in the same map.

I know R* won't take my ideas seriously, i doubt even if anyone will read this, but these are my ideas for next games. That's what i think it would be cool!Dumbnigga94 14:42, February 24, 2010 (UTC)


actually, I say they should go to Washington DC or something like that. maybe some government agents and the president as the antagonist!!!

maybe Vancouver as well, I just don't want to go back, I want to go to new places- DELO


I say another dlc concluding the diamnds in liberty city releasing a new burough based on staten island

Nah man, idk what R* thinks about DC now, but i don't want it at that time, look, not many gangs as in LS, VC or LC, different lifestyle from the other GTA cities. I heavily doubt for Chicago, as its used in the Saints row games as stilwater, and R* don't want that kind of trouble (copyright claims etc.). About Vancouver idk. Maybe Detroit michigan would match the GTA style. And you say "have the president as antagonist". Remember how many trouble R* had with Jack Thompson's claims about Goldberg and the mission in IV? Then what if you kill the president in the last mission in a brutal way, if some Republicans say that this character is Bush (father or son doesnt matter, both are pigs), or some Democrats say its Clinton, it will be alot of noise and I REALLY DONT WANT GTA TO BE BANNED! man, dont talk a lot about washington dc, these in R* might take it seriously and then...Dumbnigga94 15:27, February 28, 2010 (UTC)