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The story is set in 2012 (20 years after tha events of GTA San Andreas and 4 years after the events of GTA4). Dwayne Forge has gotten over his depression and living in the past. He's now able to adapt to the ways of the world that he was once couldn't his head around. Well, MOST of them. Although no longer an isolated guy, the way criminals in Liberty City operate today still angers Dwayne to a great degree. The 'bling' and 'gangsta' lifestyle still dominates the underworld and the street values like loyalty and respect that Dwayne grew up with and passed on to others have no credit or influence anymore. Even his own gang (North Holland Hustlers) after 2 years, are beginning to go down that road again and pretty much ignoring Dwayne's position as leader aswell (even though Playboy X is gone, his influence is still in their blood). Dwayne's efforts to prevent such a downfall have failed. Dwayne seeks advice from Niko Bellic (who he's formed a close freindship with since 2008). Niko makes two recommendations. That Dwayne takes each and every member down in cold blood (Niko even offers to do it for him...for old times sake) or that Dwayne calls a meeting in a back alley off Star Junction and declares his resignation as leader and member of the North Holland Hustlers walking out on them and leaving them shocked and slightly puzzled. Neither option affects the storyline.

After that one immensely tough decision is done and dusted. Dwayne spends the few days after deep in thought. After some intense thinking and some man to man conversations with Niko, he's convinced that Liberty City is no longer the place for him to thrive successfully but in a respectable fashion as a criminal. He thinks his best option is to leave Liberty and go elsewhere. With the much needed help from Niko and Roman he goes online to find a suitable city somewhere in America away from Liberty City. He reads an article on San Andreas. Dwayne explains to Niko and Roman that he'd heard stories in that past on how great San Andreas was and how seriously the general population (criminals included) took their work, not wasting any opportunities that came their way. He also states that he heard one story about 'some fool breaking the system back in '92 by taking down some corrupt cop' amongst other things. He says back then that he didn't believe any of the stories but now realizes that he may have been wrong. The article persuades Dwayne to make the move out west. And thats what Dwayne does. He packs his bag along with just about enough money to purchase an apartment in Los Santos. After bidding farewell to Niko and Roman at Francis International Airport, he boards the flight to his new life. the story progresses from the moment he steps off the plane at Los Santos International Airport.

All opinions on my story are welcome

HarveyH92 22:01, February 2, 2010 (UTC)

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