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GTAIV.png This forum topic is about GTA IV and appears in the GTA IV Portal.

Will we ever get any more information on Mikhail? There's a lot of backstory that's thrown out by Ilyena in Rigged to Blow and given by Dimitri about Mikhail once being a good man. If there's a prequel to GTAIV like Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories, I think it'll detail Mikhail and Dimitri's arrival in Liberty City. We'll have Vlad as a character, and maybe get to see Dwayne and Playboy before the former goes inside. And hopefully we'll get to see what exactly made Mikhail so angry.

Post-note: Does anyone else feel a little bad that Mikhail died? Like he said, "I am a man of convictions, I have only done what I believe." I think this is true, and just because he was a little angry doesn't mean Dimitri should have had him killed. I understand the whole Petrovic dilemma, but still.

Dimitri always wanted to be the head of the Russians, so Mikhail was going to be killed anyhow. Someone had to go because of the Petrovic dilemma and it was either Niko or Petrovic who had to pay for it.User:TommygunAl

The Way I see it Faustin was better off dying, his temper kept getting in front of him and he was making stupid mistakes so its acceptable that he died

--Coop804 16:55, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

I think when Niko went to the club to kill Faustain the story should have Niko telling Mikhail that Dimitri has sent him to kill him but Niko tells him that he doesn't want to kill him and told him to get out of the town for sometime. Then after the mission Niko phones Dimitri and told him that Faustin is dead. Then after some time when Dimitri betrays Niko in that warehouse mission Mikhail phones him and tells him that he will help Niko get revenge on Dimitri and Bulgarin.--Carljonsonikobellic 15:00, 18 May 2009 (UTC)

Personally, Mikhail was one of my favorite characters. I think he shouldn't of died or been a villain. He was cool. He even kills the guy with the hacksaw in the cutscene of Crime and Punishment i believe, not too sure. I digress, I think It would've been cool if you had the chance in the beginning to either kill Dimitri or Mikhail like the Blood Brothers thing. And maybe even later Mikhail would be your pal and you could go play darts.

PackieVercetti 7:07, 16 June 2009 (UTC)