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I was wanting to know who people want to be the main character of GTAV

In my personal opinion I think Claude from GTAIII should be the protaganist for the 3rd time. I know he's not the most favoured of the characters in GTA but he has been in 2 games and killed loads of people. He's brought down the likes of the Mafia, Triads, Colombian Cartel, Yakuza, Diablos, Ziabotzu corp. and many others. And all without saying one word. Yeah i know about the writings on the walls of building in GTAIV saying 'we miss you'. But that doesn't mean he's dead, mabey he went to prison.User:UrTimeSlipsAway

For one thing, I doubt we'll be seeing GTA V for a long time. I mean, between three and four there were five games (as Yahtzee says, the "Resident Evil Because I say so" school of game numbering). Anyway, it'll most probably have a new protagonist. If you mean the "next" game (such as Vice City to III) then it's possible we could see one of the minor characters in IV playing (such as Klebitz in TLATD). I doubt we'd see a return to III-era characters though, simply because the games are so very different. Depends in which direction Rockstar want to go with the franchise really... C-d-rom 22:49, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

I would love to see Claude return, but I dont think it's going to happen, most likely because of the gap between GTA3 and GTAV would be very large time wise. I also think that R* will create a new protagonist, just like they did for GTAIV. About the writing on the walls of GTAIV, i think this was done to hint to people that those characters have been killed off(not necessarily 'Dead', but dead to the series as characters), In my opinion this was done because IF R* were to bring back the GTA3 era characters they would have to look at their history and development which would be a lot of work. New characters are just easier to create. Carcer city(as mentioned on GTA3 radio) would be a perfect location aswell, because it has been spoken about but not featured in any games. As to what type of nationality the new protagonist would be it's hard to say because R* have used almost every type of race there is, the only thing I can think of is a British person(since the GTA London series the protagonist was not explained very well). ZippyIS3

I would highly appreciate it if there was a puerto-rican or someone like Carl Johnson. I really enjoyed GTA:SA whole atmosphere ghetto thing, living the american dream and shit, maybe R* can include something like that you start in Cuba do a bunch of missins there and then go the the USA as a refugee or something in this direction, would be cool for sure. I could also imagine a brasilian in a favela and trying to make his way outta there.

They should bring back San Andreas. Maybe just one of the cities though. It would be too complicated to have the whole state in the RAGE system. User:TommygunAl

They should make a new character with mix asian and german nationality he knows many language and he is a tough fighter.

To be honest i want a good mafia game they havent came out with one yet yes LCS was touches of it but in every game there's only been shavings of Mafia i want a complete one--Roman bellic 02:45, 5 May 2009 (UTC)