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What i'm wondering is, what exactly happened to the other protagnists. Assuming that the GTA3 era Liberty City is non-canon and the GTA4 era is, i'd still expect the charectors to be canon up to that point. Unless, of course, I have a warped version of what exactly IS canon in Grand Theft Auto.

I'm desregarding the graffetti easter egg and Claude cloths when I do this, but here are mt theories.

Tommy - Considering his violent life style, and that one of his assosiates talks to Rosenburg in GTA SA instead of face to face (like i'd expect Tommy to do)I think he's dead. Of course, untill Rockstar releases GTA: Vice City redux (joke) we'll never know for sure.

Toni - Looking at the state of Salvatore's mansion, i'd say he's dead or far away.

CJ - He ended the story on a good note, rich, succesful. He's probably living it up in Los Santos during GTA4.

Claude - Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea, the only thing i'm willing to look at is why Rockstar would put his clothes in Playboy's house, of all places.

I'm just guessing here, i'd like to hear some other opinions on this.

Good question. I wouldn't say that GTA IV is any more canonical than GTA III. You have to take it on how they developed it - to be a new, separate universe with a lot of references to the GTA III era games. So GTA IV canon is separate, and doesn't rely on GTA III era in any way - they could change whatever they want. Likewise, the characters and locations in the GTA III era could still exist, and be revisited in future canonical GTA games, or non-canon mods. That's how I treat it anyway, to keep them separate unless when there is a real connection (which is more through developer's choice than canon).

All this means is that GTA IV doesn't represent what has happened to our GTA III era characters - they could still be roaming free in the world, like your suggestions above. Gboyers talk 11:02, 24 June 2008 (UTC)
Just to clear up something: As far as Tommy Vercetti is concerned, he does not talk to Ken Rosenberg directly during GTA San Andreas because their partnership has been dissolved, and Tommy no longer takes Ken's calls due to his cocaine habit and constant visits to rehab (see here). EganioTalk 00:07, 25 June 2008 (UTC)

Tommy is Dead. In Catch the Wave in GTA IV, it says that the Russians get the coke in speedboats from Vice City. But Tommy Vercetti has a monopoly on cocaine coming in and out of Vice City. Tommy said at the end of GTA VC that he will no longer have ties to the north. He must've meant that he will no longer deal with the Mafia or another gang probably entered Vice City and took over Vercetti's enterprise and they're dealing with the Russians.

Tommy was sort of the whole launch for charcters is gta so he probably is dead because Rockstar wanted a new start and if u look at the wall in Broker,Bohan,and Alderny (in the apartments) it didn't say every single one of them was dead Claude was a touch up and he is probably alive as for CJ he was involved in a lot of gang bullshit and either got killed or fled 2 venturas with Maddog and he brobably got shot with Maddog because he was like the tupac of the whole gta era if you lok closley at playboy's coffee table you can see a maddog magazine in most likeley memory. Now as for Claude he's probably starting trouble somewhere else like Vice City or San Fierro or whatever because he was in a shit hole in Liberty and he probably changed clothes in playboy's house and yes ive heard enough bull about the whole not cannon thing but it's still liberty City non the less. Vic is probably out there because he most likley wasn't killed during the introduction of Vice City because it was Pete Vance I know that because Vic Doesn't have an Accent and at the end of VCS he said he wanted to lay low for a while and get awaw from the coke and drug life because he didnt want it all to begin with. And finally Toni he probably did the same thing as Claude and the whole other generation of criminals in the the gta 3 era and that goes for Joey Leone,Donald love (but he's probably in Flint country with his Asian assistant), the Sindaco's, The Colombian Cartel, The Yardies, and whoever else as involed.

They say that the situation with Claude's clothes in Playboy X's mansion resulted in Claude having dealings with Playboy sometime between 2001 and 2008 and that Claud could even have been killed by Playboy X

HarveyH92 12:51, April 30, 2010 (UTC)