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this is a list of what i think happened to every protagonist in all the gta games, sorry i haven't played gta 4 or china town wars so i don't know much about them.

the protagonist of gta 1:the cops finally catch him/her.

the protagonist of gta 1 London:this was based in the 60s so hes long dead.

Claude speed: got shot by a zaibatsu assassins (as seen in gta2).

tommy vercetti: was killed by a former vance crime family member,because of revenge of killing lance vance.

mike: hes still alive and well but is out of the life of crime.

cj: when cj betrayed the leones and robbed them of all there money the leones were forced back to liberty city,Salvatore then put a hit on cj.

Toni cipriani: when Salvatore dies Toni becomes don, joey Leone is jelious of this and kills Toni so he become don.

vic vance: killed by Ricardo diaz ( as seen in gta vice city).

fell free to comment or make your own fate list.

1. the vance crime family came after the vercetti gang so nobody really cared about lance

2. GTA IV i think niko's fate is he prolly got out the crime buisness settled down with one of the internet girlfreinds and lived a normal life

3. you skipped claude--Coop804 13:20, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

Claude is Claude speed,and the vance crime family was before and u would think there would be some members left.

1. Claude Speed and Claude aren't confirmed to be the same person.

2. The Vance Crime Family was extremly likely to have been dissolved after Vic and Lance left it. Even if there were some remnants, it wouldn't be likely that they would manage to kill Tommy Verrcetti.

3. The guy in the beginning of Vice City is definetly NOT Vic Vance. --PBello 19:22, 7 June 2009 (UTC)

1. its pretty obvious that Claude is Claude speed,they look the same and they dress the same. i said they would be still some members of the vance crime family and still would be close to lance.

3. if that wasn't vic then who was it. and why wasn't vic in vice city.--User:lozzy94

hang on you could be right it could of been pete vance.User:Lozzy94

i have played gta 4 . so my guess is that:

nikko belic : living the american dream with his brother roman.

how could CJ have been killed by salvatore when sal's in LC and Carls in san andreas? --GTAddict 13:28, January 7, 2010 (UTC)