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The game should be set in 2012, about 4 years after the events of GTA4. The game should have two protagonists.......Dwayne Forge and Lola Del Rio.

Dwayne Forge

The introduction starts off with Dwayne Forge in Liberty City as the leader of the North Holland Hustlers. He's beaten depression for good. But things with the gang aren't going well at all. They disobey orders whenever they get the chance and even when they do obey their leader's commands they don't carry it as he's explained to them. Members of the gang are also doing business with other criminal organisations without Dwayne's consent. They use the methods taught to them by Playboy X, their former leader and Dwayne's former friend and protege. Although Playboy X is long gone, the 15 years of damage Playboy X did to the North Holland Hustlers during his controversial reign as leader was permanent. It's 4 years and Dwayne has tried everything in his power to prevent his gang from going down that road of favouring luxury over loyalty. Dwayne eventually accepts the fact that no matter how hard he tries to set the record straight that his gang always do their best to ignore his commands whenever the opportunity to do so arises. All that Dwayne ever wanted was a gang who followed his principles of doing business, respected his authority and overall showed genuine dedication and commitment. But with this current set up, it's impossible. Dwayne gives up, but does not give in. Just because he doesn't get what he wants doesn't mean they have to win either. Dwayne sets an example for criminals who think it's okay to disobey their master's orders. He wipes out the entire North Holland Hustlers gang in a very ruthless and cold blooded fashion sending tremors through Liberty City's underworld. After he's done that dirty but morally good deed, he decides that Liberty City isn't what it used to be. Dwayne Forge purchases a small bungalow in Los Santos, San Andreas, using some of the earnings made from the few successful errands with his now deceased colleagues. The final cutscene of the introduction shows Dwayne drinking a glass of wine in the VIP lounge of Francis International Airport, then shown taking his seat on the flight to Los Santos, the shown stepping of the plane in Los Santos. After that.......LET THE GAME BEGIN!!

Lola Del Rio

For those who don't know who Lola Del Rio is she's the girl sucking the lollipop on the cover art for GTA4..........

Lola Del Rio is working long, sleepless nights for crap pay in Liberty City's red light district. Her boss, a total scumbag treats her and all the other prostitutes very badly and most of the earnings they receive weekly go straight back to him and they receive the smallest cut possible. He tends to be verbally and sexually abusive towards them. Lola has been working under his wing for 5 years straight and hasn't received any sort of gratification. She wants to leave desperately but her boss refuses to let her go. Lola decides that she and all the other prostitutes have suffered enough. So she takes action by breaking into her bosses penthouse in Algonquin. Her boss comes into the ensuite in a dressing gown to find Lola lying on his bed, pointing a pistol at him. Lola shoots him in both kneecaps then once in the privates (3 shots). She then takes his wallet and the keys to the his safe. In the safe is $10,000. She takes the money from the safe and then makes her exit, leaving her now former employer bleeding to death. She then uses the money from her bosses wallet, which includes credit cards containing million of dollars to pay for all the other mistreated employees. She uses the $10,000 to buy a flat in San Fierro in San Andreas (her hometown). She is then shown in the final cutscene of the introduction reading a magazine and sucking a lollipop in Francis International Airport, then taking her seat on the flight to San Fierro, then shown stepping off the plane after it's landed in San Fierro. After that........LET THE GAME BEGIN!!

Both Dwayne Forge and Lola Del Rio cross paths exactly halfway through the games storyline. The player can choose one or the other. But for example if your playing as Dwayne you might decide to change path and play as Lola. When you change path, the progress you've made in Dwayne's path will be automatically saved so that when you return to his path you'll pick up where you left off and vice versa.HarveyH92 01:55, August 9, 2010 (UTC)

dude! another fantastic plot! Rockstar sould hire you. The only problem I can see is that anti GTA people will say that Rockstar is being sexist by making an attactive female protagonist just to appeal to teenage boys. And I would hate playing as Dwane Forge, he is so sad and depressed. And didn't he die in GTA4? so by putting him in this game Rockstar are basically choosing a canon ending which is BAD. Personally, I liked your Mickey/Mel storyline, that was cool Delo19xcrowbarx 08:32, August 13, 2010 (UTC)

The game should be set in 2009/10, completely ignore the events of Chinatown Wars. Not involve Dwayne Forge, he was the most pathetic character ever. Not Lola because it will be a male protagonist. It's already been confirmed that Rockstar are investigating and researching Los Angeles thoroughly, which means they might be setting the game in a completley redesigned Los Santos more closely based on LA, with the same cultures and atmosphere, just like Liberty and NY. It is Unknown if it will exist in the State of San Andreas. Liberty City in GTA IV is in the Liberty State, which is just the basis of the state of New York. It will more than likely bring back Vinewood, and the celebrities, but on a realistic scale, and look nothing like it did in GTA SA. The old versions of the cities have been written off anyway, Liberty City has been given a new history, seen on the TV in game. They rebooted the series, and started with Liberty as always. We have seen the real Liberty City in GTA IV, Eventually, there will be a load of new games and will will have seen the real Los Santos, Fierro, Venturas and Vice City, all tieing in with Liberty City in IV. I suspect Vice City will come right at the end for some reason.

Okay maybe don't have Lola Del Rio as a playable character. But she should make an appearence in the in San Fierro, where she's from originally. Secondly, Dwayne isn't a pathetic character. yeah, he was depressed. But if you read my blog I said that Dwayne has battled his depression and has returned to his former a ruthless and cold blooded killer.

HarveyH92 18:51, August 13, 2010 (UTC)