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GTAIV.png This forum topic is about GTA IV and appears in the GTA IV Portal.

Many koreans are happy because koreatown was seen in Grand Theft Auto IV. Actually, some peoples found out 'korean signboard' in Los Santos and cheered in Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas before. But most of koreans is frustrated about GTA IV.

'Messed' Korean Language

It's famous activity that is "finding korean in foreign." For example:

There's Samsung signboard in film Spider-Man(2002), and there's little debate that's PPL or not. Many korean signboards were seen in film Heat(1995).

But korean in GTA is little disappointed. Exterior of koreatown is good, but signboards are terrible, because of literal translation. For instance:

"우리들과 흩뜨리지 말라(Don't scatter with us)"(2nd) "미친 성인 문신방(Crazy adult tattoo shop)"(1st) "토끼 머리(Rabbit Hair)" "면류(Noodles, not specific brand)"(3rd)

What the hell are they?! You can't feel any disharmony, but it's quite strange to korean.

Trouble between North and South Korea

In mission "Dining Out", Niko was killing Kim Young-Guk, north korean criminal. There's a error about korean naming(see [Talk: Kim Young-Guk#Errors in names of Father and Son]), but another problem is there. You know, in Korea, there're many divided opinion about relationship between North and South Korea. Some thinks that we need to unity, but other thinks don't. So that bitterish view makes some koreans angry. But who can blame and condemned? If Rockstar shows another parody likes a Steven Yoo(who changed nationality from korea to america to evade military service), all korean may be go wild(because evasion of military service is most serious offense in korean society, best topic in dialogue of men in korea is military service).

P.S. Curiously, True Crime:Streets of LA(what shows korean protagonist Nick "Kang" Wilson and antagonist North Koeran Army General Kim Han-Yoo[asian writes likes this, surnames are front. But in english, Han-Yoo Kim will be fit. In-game name is showed likes that]) isn't supposed in their mind negative. But parody of Nick Kang(Nick Kong is parody of him, in GTA:VC mission "Autocide") is taken issue slightly.