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*Broker :: Russian Mafya '''Benefactor Schafter''' (Black w/Black wheels) and '''NOOSE Cruiser'''
*Broker :: '''Uebermacht Oracle''' (Dark Gray) and '''NOOSE Cruiser '''(NOOSE livery, to be replaced with FIB Buffalo)
*Bohan :: '''Invetero Coquette''' (Silver) and '''WMC Freeway''' (Red w/Saddlebags)
*Bohan :: '''Invetero Coquette''' (Silver) and '''WMC Freeway''' (Red w/Saddlebags)
*Algoquin Penthouse :: '''Pegassi Infernus''' (Metallic Green w/Wing) and '''Grotti Turismo''' (Metallic Red w/Scoops)
*Algoquin Penthouse :: '''Pegassi Infernus''' (Metallic Green w/Wing) and '''Grotti Turismo''' (Metallic Red w/Scoops)

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Forums GTA What Cars Are In Your Parking Spaces?

GTAIV.png This forum topic is about GTA IV and appears in the GTA IV Portal.

I have:


Broker: None

South Bohan: Stevie's Comet and Playboy's Patriot

Algonquin: Black & Red Huntley Sport and Gracie's Cognoscenti

Playboy's: Red Coquette and Bryce's Orange Infernus

Alderney: Yellow & Black SabreGT and Yellow & Black Banshee


Luis: Tony's Black Stretch-E & Blue & Purple SultanRS

Playboy's: Black Schafter & Red F620

Well I change cars a lot, but currently I have...


  • Broker: Red and white Sanchez, black and green NRG-900RR
  • Bohan: Black and red Banshee convertible, red/orange Comet (from Stevie's Car Thefts)
  • Algonquin: Bryce Dawkins' dark orange Infernus with spoiler, black Oracle
  • Playboy X's Penthouse: Green over dark green Sabre GT, bright red Coquette
  • Alderney: Dark blue Sentinel XS with silver rims, red Sultan RS with a hood scoop (my drift cars)


  • Lost Clubhouse: Johnny's blue and white Hexer, silver Innovation (Thanks Seagulls!!!)
  • Brian's Safehouse: Johnny's Hexer, red Rancher with brush guard

(Johnny's Hexer, Hakachou, Bati 800, and Innovation spawn around the house)

  • Niko's Alderney Safehouse: Green Sprunk Bati Custom, DeSean's Hakachou Custom


  • Luis's Apartment: Black and white new look Schafter, Dasie's bright red F620
  • Playboy X's Penthouse: White Serrano with black rims, red and black Double T
  • Niko's Algonquin Apartment: White Bullet GT with red stripe (from No. 3), black civilian Buffalo
  • Niko's Bohan Safehouse: Red and white Tampa, dark metallic blue Banshee
  • Niko's Broker Safehouse: Armando's "Murdered Out" (black with black rims) Cavalcade, white Super GT
  • Niko's Alderney Safehouse: Neon green Sultan RS with a hood scoop, blue and black Hakachou (took so long to find!!!)
  • Lost Clubhouse: Dark blue NRG-900RR, white/silver Hellfury
  • Brian's Safehouse: Dark blue/green Peyote, white Sentinel XS with black rims

For me, i have:

  • Broker: Laundromat and that Hearse
  • South Bohan: Huntley Sport and a green and black Voodoo
  • Algonquin: Bernie's Infernus and Stevie's Comet
  • Playboy's: his Patriot and an orange Banshee
  • Alderney: An orangey red Dukes and Ivan's Ruiner

--VladdyBoy, 19:06, 13 May 2010 I have:

  • Broker; Fly US feroci and perrennial
  • South Bohan; Laundromat and romans taxi
  • Algonquin; Bernie's infernus and Police stockade
  • Playboy's; Cavalcade w/ Black rims and a super GT
  • Alderney; Pink feltzer and Brucie's gold and black huntley sport


What cars have you saved in your GTA IV parking space? I have changed also:

  • Broker - Rasta Huntley, Black-Red Huntley
  • South Bohan - Banshee, Gold Huntley
  • Middle Park East - A-Team Coquette, Bryce Dawkins' Infernus
  • Playboy's - Sentinel, Sentinel XS
  • Alderney - Sentinel XS, Modified Sultan (not RS)

  • Middle Park East: Bernie's Infernus, Silver Schafter w/black rims (with a bodykit)
  • Bohan: Black Oracle, Black Faction
  • Broker: Blue Feroci VIP, dark blue Intruder (with bodykit)
  • Alderney: Metallic brown PCJ-600 w/ gold rims, green and black Ruiner
  • Playboys Penthouse: White Coquette w/red stripe, all black Dukes

Brettdude13 18:14, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

Let's see...

  • Broker - Silver Premier, Red Ruiner
  • South Bohan - Black Oracle, Bryce's Infernus
  • Middle Park East - Sentinel XS, Dark Gray Feltzer
  • Playboy's - NOOSE Cruiser, Black Faction
  • Alderney - Silver Shafter, Faggio (For amusement lol) --Energy Monkey 00:10, 6 June 2009 (UTC)

  • Broker - Turismo, Sentinel
  • Bohan - Bernie's Infernus, Infernus
  • Algonquin (Xenotime St.) - NRG 900, Sabre GT
  • Algonquin (Albany Ave.) - Comet, Comet
  • Alderney - Rancher, Comet --MayGodHaveMercyUponMyEnemies 16:56, 23 July 2009 (UTC)

I just collect whatever

  • Broker - gray Merit, gray Uranus
  • Bohan - maroon Dukes, black and gold Ruiner
  • Algonquin (Xenotime St.) - white Vigero, Playboy's Patriot
  • Algonquin (Albany Ave.) - dark gray Coquette , pinkish tan Emperor with dark roof
  • Alderney - Bernie's Infernus (orange), black Faction

--Thescarydude 11:07, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

  • Algonquin - Grey Feroci / Red Infernus
  • Middle Park - Light Red Banshee w/ Black Racing Stripe / Brown Banshee w/ White Racing Stripe
  • Alderney - Red Banshee / Blue Sultan RS
  • Bohan - Black Cavalcade / Light Green Dukes

--Lorcadude 23:27 21 August 2009 (UTC)

Bohan- 2 Infernus's Playboys- Black Sabre GT w/ white stipe, black Emperor Middle Park East-Yellow Banshee w/ Black stipe, Pearl white Cognoscenti Burned down safehouse- Ivans Ruiner, Playboys Patriot Alderney- White Sentenial XS, White Sultan GT(not RS)

I change a bit but right now it's:

  • Broker; Willard, Jamaican Voodoo
  • South Bohan; Bryce's Infernus, JDM Feroci (Blue)
  • Algonquin; Yellow Banshee with black stripe, Russian Mafia Schafter
  • Playboy's; Black Admiral, Black Oracle
  • Alderney; White Cognoscienti, White Washington


Slight note i am allways on Gay Tony .

  • Broker - Classic Faggio & TBOGT Shafter
  • South Bohan - All Black Huntley &
  • Middle Park East - Infernus & Bullet GT
  • Playboy's - APC & Silver Buffalo
  • Alderney - The Akuma & A Caddy
  • Luis' Safehouse - F620 & Super Diamond

--Amazingguy 10:52, November 26, 2009 (UTC)

I have:

  • Broker - Stevie's Comet, Black Cavalcade w/ black rims and grille
  • Bohan - Blue Sultan w/ gold rims, Freeway
  • Albany St. Penthouse - Bryce Dawkin's Infernus, Black Super GT
  • Xenotime St. Penthouse - Yellow Patriot, Yellow Infernus
  • Alderney - White Cognesceti, NOOSE Patriot

--PBello 11:24, November 26, 2009 (UTC)

I have:

  • Bohan - Dark Green SuperGT and a normal Taxi.

I didn't even notice the SuperGT there until yesterday. --Hatley 14:02, December 28, 2009 (GMT)

I have Broker-Sultan RS and turismo Bohan-Primo and romans taxi Playboy's-Huntley sport and patriot algonquin-Bryce dawkins infernus and steves comet alderny-Cognescenti and pcj 600

I have:

  • Mowhawk Avenue: Grey Cavalcade (Roman's New Taxi), Maroon Virgo (Little Jacob's Car).
  • Joliet Street: Turqouise and White Sabre GT, Black Triad Feroci.
  • Albany Avenue: Black Turismo, Stevie's Comet (Resprayed Bright Yellow).
  • Xenotime Street: Dark Grey Super GT, Bernie Crane's Infernus (Resprayed Bright Green).
  • Mahesh Avenue: Dark Blue and Black Sultan RS, Black PMP 600.

--Dominic-079 00:46, January 22, 2010 (UTC+10)


I have:

  • Mohawk Avenue, Hove Beach, Broker: Rasta Hunley Sport and Spanish Lords Cavalcade
  • Joliet Street, South Bohan: Russian Uranus and Yusuf's Super Drop Diamond
  • Albany Avenue, M.P. East, Algonquin: Dilletante (for the fun of it) and Sentinel XS
  • Xenotime Street, Northwood, Algonquin: Mori's Buffalo and Caddy
  • Mahesh Avenue, Alderney City: The green Bullet GT from Mori's race mission and FlyUs Perrenial
  • Galveston Avenue, Northwood: Yellow Comet and N.O.O.S.E APC

--pistolped7 19:35, February 23, 2010 (GMT)

Sentinel in Alderney

Infernus and NRG 900 in Middle Park

FIB Buffalo in Hove Beach


I have:

  • Bohan - Spanish Lords red & gold Cavalcade and green & black Sultan RS
  • Middle Park East - Red Infernus with a spoiler and blue Banshee with a black stripe
  • Playboys - White Coquette and black & grey Cognoscenti
  • Alderney - Black Sentinel XS and The Lost Brotherhood bike

--ThechX 14:14, February 25, 2010 (GMT+2)


I have:

  • Broker: Ivan's Black and Gold Ruiner and Roman's Taxi
  • Bohan: Stevie's Yellow Comet and Gold Infernus from Stevie's Car Thefts
  • Middle Park East: Black Cavaclade with Black Rims and Bryce's Infernus
  • Playboy X's: Playboy's Yellow Patriot and Very Dark Candy Purple Super GT from Bernie's Mission 'Union Drive'
  • Alderny: Gracie's Pink Feltzer and a Blue Sultan GT (Not the RS)

Genetically Superior 02:25, February 27, 2010 (UTC)

  • Broker: Nothing.
  • Bohan: A Futo and Brucie's Gold/Brown Huntley Sport.
  • Northwood: A Super GT and a Dukes.
  • Middle Park: Bernie's Infernus and a Feltzer.
  • Alderney: A green Sultan RS and a Police Cruiser.

Stankers 06:18, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

TjMarian017 has:

Broker- Roman's taxi and Playboy X's signature Patriot

Bohan- Roman's taxi and -----------

Northwood- Bryce's Infernus and Laundromat

Middle Park- The Stockade and the SuperGT

Alderney- Hearse and the -------------




Ghost Leader 03:36, June 19, 2010 (UTC)


At my safe houses i have:

  • Broker -Red W/ White Stripe Sabre GT ( first car i had in the game)
    , Romans Taxi
  • Bohan -Bernies Infernus, black Presidente with black rims V10 car
  • Albany St. Penthouse - Black And Gold Runier with Turbo Hood ( my dad has a '85 T/A Black on Gold), Police Patrol
  • Xenotime St. Penthouse - Red Rancher W/ Roll Bar and Lights, White Huntley Sport with Black Rims and Black stripe ( never saw another, awfully rare i think)
  • Alderney - All Black Sultan RS, NOoSE Crusier
  • Luis's Cars: Red Rancher, Red W/ white Striped Tampa
  • Luis's cars at Nikos ( Playboys) PentHouse: Brown Tampa, Yusif's Super drop
  • Johnnys Car's: Tow Truck and the extremly rare Regina wagon, in Faded Red.



  • Broker :: Uebermacht Oracle (Dark Gray) and NOOSE Cruiser (NOOSE livery, to be replaced with FIB Buffalo)
  • Bohan :: Invetero Coquette (Silver) and WMC Freeway (Red w/Saddlebags)
  • Algoquin Penthouse :: Pegassi Infernus (Metallic Green w/Wing) and Grotti Turismo (Metallic Red w/Scoops)
  • Playboy X Penthouse :: Invetero Coquette (Dark Gray) and Dewbauchee SuperGT (Satin White)
  • Alderny :: Pegassi Infernus (Silver w/out Wing) and Shitzu NRG900F (Gray/Black)
  • Luis's Appartment :: Enus Super Drop Diamond (Gold/Beige) and Ocelot F620 (Yellow-Orange)
  • The Lost Clubhouse :: Pegassi Bati 800 (Red/Black) / Szebrine 18:48, July 14, 2010 (UTC)