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What do you hate the most about GTA IV and Why?

  • a: The Failed Atemped at Realism
  • b: Lack of Helicopters and no Planes
  • c: The Coquette being based off a Corvette and not comming in yellow
  • d: Barly any Weapons, just a knife, a bat and normal guns
  • e: The Friend System
  • f: Not Many Vehicles
  • g: No Car Customization
  • h: Liberty City Again
  • i: No Countryside
  • j: Dark Graphics
  • k: No Tanks

B: I used to love flying in the hunter and the AT-400, but gta 4 replaced the hunter with the Annilator and the AT-400 with a non-obtainable Boeing 747

I'm just going to give counter reasons for your complaints;

  • a: The Realism What was so bad about that? it was realistic making it more fun and believeable. This was a benefactor
  • b: Lack of Helicopters and no Planes well, nobody uses planes in real life NY because its a waste of money. true I would have lied more helicopters
  • c: The Coquette being based off a Corvette and not comming in yellow I don't like yellow corvettes, but if you do, than this is ligit
  • d: Barly any Weapons, just a knife, a bat and normal guns Well, all the melee weapons in SA were spin off of the bat and knife ie they fill the same criteria. attacking people with dildos was retarded too. I agree, not enough ranged weapons
  • e: The Friend System true, I would hav perfered an awesome array of side missions
  • f: Not Many Vehicles there were heaps of vehicles, stop complaining
  • g: No Car Customization NY is not really a big scene for street racing, thats mainly an LA sort of thing
  • h: Liberty City Again Well, this is the first time Liberty has been done really. In GTA3, they were trying to get the sandbox right and such, the programming was so hard that they didn't have time to worry about setting. LCS had the same problems
  • i: No Countryside its based on NY, NY has no countryside, its pretty obvious
  • j: Dark Graphics turn the lighting up
  • k: No Tanks It would have been nice, but only as a secret or easter egg though.Delo19xcrowbarx 07:19, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

You just added "Failed Atemped at" realism. The game wasn't even aimed at being as realistic as possible. Obviously Niko won't limp when shot in the leg. Obviously the car won't be instantly totaled when colliding into a wall. Obviously the police will forget who Niko is when he travels into a Pay n Spray. The list goes on and on. The problem with the "GTA 4 being too realistic" argument is that it is so ridiculous to claim that when you at least considered the basic gameplay that is so outrageously unrealistic. Does that make sense to you?--spaceeinstein 03:59, August 2, 2010 (UTC)
  • a: The Failed Atemped at Realism It was not an attempt on realism, they just wanted to get GTA out of the 'when you hit this guy with your car, he always goes under the car and gets squashed by the tires' idea. They wanted to make it an even bigger sandbox, where you could just spend hours playing around with the physics engine.
  • b: Lack of Helicopters and no Planes Since when have you seen planes being flown around by non-licensed pilots in New York City? Besides, planes would have been too bothersome to put into the game's engine and with the new inclusion of a multiplayer system they wanted a good air transportation that could hold several people so you could all be in the same helicopter during Free Roam or multiplayer, and the helicopter is really the only way. Besides, Liberty City only has one Airport, so where would you land it? In San Andreas there were multiple airports because there were multiple cities, but in one city that has one airport where are you gonna go with a plane? At least a helicopter can be landed on the tops of buildings.
  • c: The Coquette being based off a Corvette and not comming in yellow You are seriously telling me that one of the reasons that you hate this game is because one type of car that you happen to like doesn't have a yellow version of it? I like yellow sports cars too but that doesn't make me critizise a game because it doesn't have them in it.
  • d: Barly any Weapons, just a knife, a bat and normal guns San Andreas didn't have much else other than that, all the random melee weapons were just reskinnings of the baseball bat, and all it had were two types of pistols, two types of submachine guns, two types of assault rifle, grenades and timed detonators (frankly useless) which apart from the detonators are all in GTA IV.
  • e: The Friend System They obviously added that in there to conincide with the idea of having a phone and using it in day to day life. I like it myself, how you get unique conversations with each of your friends and you have to phone them up instead of just coming to their house between 6AM and 7PM.
  • f: Not Many Vehicles In San Andreas, a lot of the cars felt like reskins of the base cars that are either slightly faster or slower, such as the Infernus really just felt like a slightly slower Banshee with the same handling and a different skin, whereas if you compare, say, the Banshee and the Infernus in GTA IV, they have very different feels to them. Each type of car has its own 'feel' to it, how it handles corners, how easily it breaks down.
  • g: No Car Customization Somehow I don't believe that in a total metropolitan area such as this version of Liberty City there would be much space to hide illegal car outfitting places such as there were in San Andreas, and I think that the lack of customisation in this game was a choice made to make the story and the characters stronger. A heavily overweight Carl Johnson can get by through the story without a whole lot of weirdness, but think for a second and imagine a fat Niko Bellic or a super muscly Niko Bellic. It simply doesn't work.
  • h: Liberty City Again Where else are they gonna do? They have already covered all of the major, world renowned cities in the USA, and I think they never really made Liberty City as much as it could have been in GTA III, as at the time they were still mostly experimenting with the new 3D engine. It is a completely different Liberty City anyway, one much closer to actual New York City.
  • i: No Countryside Where is there going to be countryside in a heavy ISLAND metropolis?
  • j: Dark Graphics They look a lot better than GTA IIIs, wouldn't you say? I think you are starting to rack your brain for excuses on why you think this game is bad.
  • k: No Tanks Again, where are they going to put tanks (or an army base for that matter) on a heavy metropolis such as this Liberty City. Keeping tanks out made the game slightly more realistic, as at six stars you are being chased by the FIB and NOOSE rather than the Army, which is how it would probably happen in real life, as the American Government certainly wouldn't send out an army against one beserk criminal. This amount of realism works, and should definitely not be scoffed at.
  • Thanks for wasting half an hour of my time, jackass. AtomicLlama 10:02, September 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • B. Why did they take out one of the sweetest choppers ever? Also, when i hear someone talk about an Annihilator, I expect some ind of kick-ass Apache variant, not some crappy UH-60 with miniguns that are nigh on impossible to aim. >:-( Sgt. S.S. 20:22, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

  • A: Failed Attempt at Realism: They didn't try to make the game "Totally realistic". They only tried to make the game sensical. For example: Most people don't instantly get killed when they are shot by a 9mm three times, especially in the legs or arms. This time around, they made it sensical so that they don't get killed instantly with a 9mm three times unless shot somewhere critical (like the skull or heart).
  • B: Lack of Helicopters and No Planes: How many helicopters do they need? One is perfectly fine to me. And were are you going to land a airplane in a city with only one airport? A dump? At least with a helicopter you can land on top of a building or a isolated place without too many people.
  • C: The Coquette being based off the Corvette without yellow color: Who cares?
  • D: Barly any weapons with the exception of a bat, knife, and a few guns: Killing people with dildos is dumb enough. Basic is fine. By the way, you misspelled "Barely"
  • E: The Friend System: I actually like this, since the game gets kinda boring after you finish the storyline.
  • F: Not Many Vehicles: What? There were plenty of vehicles!
  • G: No car customization: I actually have to (partly) agree with you. It would be nice to put vehicles in exclusive colors you can't get at Pay N Spray. However, like a previous poster said, street racing is more of a Bay Area-LA thing. Not really NY.
  • H: Liberty City Again: Although I would have liked it if they made a new city (plenty of major cities in USA that they have not used, Seattle, St. Louis and Dallas are good examples), GTA IV Liberty City was a breath of fresh air. GTA III Liberty City, although had it's NY-like landmarks (anyone can tell it's supposed to be NY) barely looked like NY, especially Geographically speaking (nobody knows if Shoreside Vale is supposed to be the Bronx or New Jersey). This time, Liberty City actually looks like NY (geographically and appearance speaking).
  • I: No Countryside: Although in the beta they were actually supposed to do the whole Liberty State (would have rocked), their is no need for a countryside. The Countryside in GTA SA wasn't very interesting in my opinion, and they could have done Oakland instead of the Countryside. Not to mention the fact New York is a ISLAND CITY and the third Island (Alderney) is supposed to be New Jersey. Where is the countryside?
  • J: Too Dark: Light up the game and your TV!
  • K: No Tanks: How many times do you see the army chasing down a serial killer? And were are they supposed to put a tank in the game? New York and New Jersey have no army bases. Kanzler31 21:34, September 13, 2010 (UTC)
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