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The following is the walkthrough of the mission Four Iron in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, for Texas property developer Avery Carrington.

Before the mission

Before you start the mission, obtain a shotgun with 5 shells.


Getting some golfing clothes at Jocksports.
The target is at the driving range, enjoying a game of golf...
Beating up the rival property developer.

Meet up with Avery. He is having some trouble with a rival property developer who won't sell him some land he wants. He wants you to dispatch him.

After the cutscene with Carrington ends, you are given this instruction:

Go pick up some golfing clothes from Jocksports

Follow the T-shirt blip Tshirt-GTAVC-icon.png on the radar to find Jocksport. Once you arrive there, walk into the pink marker to start a cutscene. During the cutscene, you are introduced a new outfit, the Country Club outfit. You will then be given this instruction:

Now head to the Leaf Links Gold Club.

After the cutscene, follow the pink blip on the radar to get to the entrance of the Leaf Links Golf Club. You will then be given this instruction:

The target is at the driving range enjoying a game of golf. Make sure it is his last.

After the mission prompt, get into the parked Comet and drive it up to the part of the fence where the ramp is.Get out of the comet, jump onto it and then jump over the fence. Get into the Caddy provided and drive to the driving range. DO NOT get too close to the driving range, or else the property developer will see you, run away, and send his goons to kill you, making this mission harder to complete. Get out of the Caddy, crouch down and, using the shotgun, shoot him three times with it. Mission Passed.

Video Walkthrough

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