Francis International Airport LTA

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Francis International Airport Station

Liberty City Subway station

Station information
Line 3/8 Broker Line
Service 3/8
Platforms 1
Tracks 2
Borough Dukes
Next north Lynch Street: 3/8
Next south Huntington Street: 3/8

Francis International Airport is a station on the Liberty City Subway system. It is located in the plaza between the parking lot and passenger terminal in Francis International Airport in Dukes, Liberty City and as such is a popular stop for visitors and vacationers.

The station is notable for its modern appearance and for the fact that it is the only station in the subway system to have an island platform.The station has an elavator (that is shut down),a large, enclosed bridge connects the station to the passenger terminal, but it is inaccessible by players. It appears to have had its design influenced by the stations on the relatively-new AirTrain JFK.