Franklin Clinton

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Franklin Clinton
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Franklin Clinton


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home South Los Santos, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Denise Clinton (aunt)
Chop (dog)
Main Affiliations Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
Lamar Davis
Simeon Yetarian
Chamberlain Gangster Families
Vehicles Bagger
Player's Choice
Businesses Vehicle repossession
Voiced by Shawn "Solo" Fonteno

{{Infobox character |name=Franklin Clinton |image=FranklinClinton-GTAV-secondtrailer.jpg |game_1=GTA V |status=Alive |gender=Male |nationality=United States |home=[[South Los Santos]], [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]], [[San Andreas in GTA V|San Andreas]] |family=[[Denise Clinton]] (aunt)
[[Chop]] (dog) |affiliations=[[Michael De Santa]]
[[Trevor Philips]]
[[Lamar Davis]]
[[Simeon Yetarian]]
[[Grove Street Families (HD Universe)|Chamberlain Gangster Families]] |vehicles=[[Bagger]]
Player's Choice |businesses=Vehicle repossession
Robbery |voice=Shawn "Solo" Fonteno }} Character Name is a character in ... who ...

Character Name is a character in ... who ...