Franklin Clinton

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Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton during Hood Safari.

Franklin Clinton during Hood Safari.
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Franklin Clinton


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1988
Age Now 30
Nationality American
Home House in Strawberry, Los Santos (until 2013, co-owner)
3671 Whispymound Dr in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos (from 2013)
Family Unnamed mother (deceased)
Denise Clinton (aunt)
Tavell Clinton (cousin)
Main Affiliations Andre Barnes (friend)
Nicolson Bell (friend)
Demarcus Bradley (friend)
JB Bradshaw (friend)
Lamar Davis (friend)
Dana Ellis (friend)
Tanisha Jackson (friend, ex-girlfriend)
Stretch (friend until 2013)
Daryl Knox (friend)
Leon (friend)
Jamal Reynolds (friend)
The Families (gang member)
Hao (friend)
Sacha Yetarian (former co-worker)
Simeon Yetarian (former employer)
Dom Beasley (friend, 2013)
Lester Crest (friend from 2013)
Jimmy De Santa (friend from 2013)
Michael De Santa (friend from 2013)
Steve Haines (former employer)
Beverly Felton (former employer)
Dave Norton (former employer)
Trevor Philips (friend from 2013)
Devin Weston (former employer)
Vehicles Green Bagger
White Buffalo
Dark Red Baller (Predator)
Player's choice
Businesses Vehicle repossession
Voiced by Shawn "Solo" Fonteno

{{Infobox character |name=Franklin Clinton |image=FranklinClinton-GTAV.jpg |caption=Franklin Clinton during [[Hood Safari]]. |game_1=GTA V |status=Alive |gender=Male |dob=1988 |nationality=United States |home=[[Strawberry Safehouse|House]] in [[Strawberry]], [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]] (until [[2013]], co-owner)
[[3671 Whispymound Dr]] in [[Vinewood Hills]], [[Los Santos in GTA V|Los Santos]] (from [[2013]]) |family=Unnamed mother (deceased)
[[Denise Clinton]] (aunt)
[[Tavell Clinton]] (cousin) |affiliations=[[Andre Barnes]] (friend)
[[Nicolson Bell]] (friend)
[[Demarcus Bradley]] (friend)
[[JB Bradshaw]] (friend)
[[Lamar Davis]] (friend)
[[Dana Ellis]] (friend)
[[Tanisha Jackson]] (friend, ex-girlfriend)
[[Stretch (GTA V)|Stretch]] (friend until [[2013]])
[[Daryl Knox]] (friend)
[[Leon (GTA V)|Leon]] (friend)
[[Jamal Reynolds]] (friend)
[[The Families]] (gang member)
[[Hao]] (friend)
[[Sacha Yetarian]] (former co-worker)
[[Simeon Yetarian]] (former employer)
[[Dom Beasley]] (friend, [[2013]])
[[Lester Crest]] (friend from [[2013]])
[[Jimmy De Santa]] (friend from [[2013]])
[[Michael De Santa]] (friend from [[2013]])
[[Steve Haines]] (former employer)
[[Beverly Felton]] (former employer)
[[Dave Norton]] (former employer)
[[Trevor Philips]] (friend from [[2013]])
[[Devin Weston]] (former employer) |vehicles=Green [[Bagger]]
White [[Buffalo]]
Dark Red [[Baller]] ([[Predator]])
Player's choice |businesses=Vehicle repossession
Robbery |voice=[[Shawn Fonteno|Shawn "Solo" Fonteno]] }} Character Name is a character in ... who ...

Character Name is a character in ... who ...