Freiman Coated Fabric Corp

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Freiman Coated Fabric Corp
Type of business Fabric wholesaler
Location(s) Red Light District, Liberty City

{{infobox business| |image = FreimanCoatedFabricCorp-GTAIII-exterior.jpg |size = 350x350px |game_1 = GTA III |name = Freiman Coated Fabric Corp |type = Fabric wholesaler |owner = |location = [[Red Light District]], [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]] |affiliation = |missions = |employee = }} '''Freiman Coated Fabric Corp''' is a fabric business based in the [[Red Light District]] of [[Portland]], [[Liberty City in GTA III|Liberty City]]. The business appears in [[Grand Theft Auto III]]. [[Category:Businesses in GTA III]] [[Category:Businesses in Liberty City in GTA III Era]]

Freiman Coated Fabric Corp is a fabric business based in the Red Light District of Portland, Liberty City. The business appears in Grand Theft Auto III.