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Fresh 105 (FM) is a hip-hop jazz radio station in the game gta vice city stories which is hosted by luke campbell as non-other that himself. If you ever purshase the soundtrack to it, note that not every single song (list below) is on it.

this is the first time we have seen Fresh 105 (FM) on a GTA radio station so it is suggested that through the 80's the station got more and more unpopular and eventully bankrupt, though probably taken over by Flash FM


  • Arika Bambaataa and the soul sonic force - "renegades of funk"
  • jonzun crew - "pack jam"
  • run D.M.C - "it's like that"
  • planet patrol - "it's at your own risk"
  • the egyptian lover - "egypt,egypt"
  • art of noise - "beat box"
  • man parrish - "boogi down brox"
  • rock master scott and thedynamic three - "request line"
  • midnight star - "freak-a-zoid"
  • whodini - "freaks come out at night"